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    Has a degree on facestabbing
  • Birthday 09/25/1991

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    Lost... very very lost.
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    Well, my main interest is dragons, artwork, animation and indy comics. Leaving that aside and adding my other interests... is videogames and videogame mechanics, 3D art, music, magic, and some other wacky stuff I can't remember now.

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  1. Scott

    Happy Birthday Sukotto!

    Thanks everyone, I haven't shown up mainly because I've been moving to Canada for the past 2,5 months already and I'm just getting my home today... (In my birthday too) Also, thanks otter for that fosters facade! And thank you guys for remembering me Q_Q you all rock.
  2. Scott

    Meet The Modern Heavy

    I found this one hilarious http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iz_dj4u6pGA
  3. Scott

    I'm Going To Japan

    Don't worry guys, I'll replace him now that I'm back!! How hard can it be to be soul? Seriously now though, have a good trip Soul and bring me some kawai from over there, okay?
  4. Scott

    Super Monday Night Combat

    MEANWHILE under the enemy spawn:
  5. Scott

    Nom Tourney

    I'd have to see the times to see if I can participate in a tournament... But if I can I'm totally in.
  6. Scott

    Phantasy Star Online

    This is what I get
  7. Scott

    Phantasy Star Online

    For somereason I can get the installer exe file for the game, I'm still having the same error from last night. Does anyone know how to solve it?
  8. Scott

    Phantasy Star Online

    I'm having a trouble to install the game, whenever I get to the downloader "window" it fucks up and gives me a 404. Halp¿
  9. Scott

    Phantasy Star Online

    nah, no worries... all cool, we make mistakes.
  10. Scott

    Phantasy Star Online

    272875[/snapback]Dreamcast I only played it in the gamecube since it released for the gamecube, that is what I meant. Also, I seem to have a problem because I need to enter a japanese captcha to get acces to the game... FUCK If you get the catpcha, just copy and paste this: マホルスイ
  11. Scott

    Phantasy Star Online

    I'd like an invite to the beta, been a big fan of this series since its release on gamecube!
  12. Scott

    Super Monday Night Combat

    The assault class look really good with the eyepatch o3o
  13. Scott

    Super Monday Night Combat

    Super monday night combat is about to be Sunday Monday Nom Combat
  14. Scott

    American Politics As Seen By Japan

    AMERICA FUCKYEAH I'd actually love to be living in that america. Don't shoot at your fatheeeer michaeeeeeel o3o
  15. Scott

    Super Monday Night Combat

    Draythan you are a fucking monster in this game o3o