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  1. inShane

    Guild Wars 2

    Choose Tarnished Coast, Yak's Bend, or other servers Nommers frequent. I know for a fact that the first two have Guild Banks and basic operations set up on those servers. Yes, they're unfortunately separate. Gives guilds massive penalties if they want to server hop. Also...how many codes did you get? Thought specific websites were giving them out. You shall all fall to my fabulous engineer, Java Syntaxslayer. He programmed his Flamethrower himself!
  2. inShane

    Official Pokémon Thread

    Additionally, there are two guaranteed ways to get a shiny Pokemon in BW2. If you clear Black Tower/White Forest, Benga will give you a shiny Gible/Dratini (version-exclusive, I believe). Then there's the task of completing the Unova Dex, which will then grant access to an area with a shiny Haxorus.
  3. inShane

    Guild Wars 2

    50K influence to even begin Guild missions. I don't think we, as Nom, are pulling this off.
  4. inShane

    Guild Wars 2

    Guild missions have been announced for February 26. Nomuniteplz.
  5. inShane

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    I'd yell about this nowhere else. Played my 10 placement matches + 2 more for LoL's Season 3; went 10-2 and ended up at 1690. I'VE IMPROVED. TAKE THAT VIKTOR.
  6. inShane

    League Of Legends

    http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2568236 This should make me the most illegitimate platinum player of all time. 1667 ranked 5s!
  7. inShane

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    One bugged not spawning NPC is preventing my 100% map completion in Guild Wars 2. For the past 3 days, I've gone down to the skill point to check its status and been disappointed. To vent, I wandered into the nearby temple to kill monsters. Unfortunately, the temple is elevated and its monsters have knock back. Incoming deaths from fall damage...This has happened once each day. You'd think I'd learn to stay away from ledges.
  8. inShane

    Funny chat logs

    To summarize the past 2 weeks... Kelsonar has invited you to play Team Fortress 2. inShane: GUILD WARS TWO Kelsonar: F U TOO
  9. inShane

    Guild Wars 2

    Here's some basic info on what raids are possible with our status. This is all I know. Flame Legion Citadel, Diessa Plateau - 5 to 10 people minimum, level 20+ Catacombs, Plains of Ashford - Locked into 5 people? Not sure, level 30+ Sharkmaw Cavern, Lion's Arch - infinite people, voice chat mandatory, all levels I'd say we wait till the weekend or Friday before attempting one of these together. Gives us time to level up individually and whatnot.
  10. inShane

    Guild Wars 2

    inShane.6143 Guardian's name is "Enshayn"
  11. inShane

    Guild Wars 2

    How much should I want this game? I'm searching for an MMORPG to play for a long time, and I hear Guild Wars 1 lasted for over 7 years. From what I've read and watched, Guild Wars 2 has around a billion features I wished Runescape and others had back in the heyday: - Scaling when returning to low level content - Dynamic, spontaneous events - A lack of fetch quests - Developers want players to fight together; no competing for the kill - ^ Dedicated developers, man. - Even autoattacks are performed in real time and can be whiffed. Less of a reliance on gear - There is no one "best" weapon for each specialization - Eyecandy environments that don't needlessly take up space All of the negative opposites are things I've experienced in other MMORPGs I've played. The elimination of most of them is very enticing...
  12. inShane

    Compliments to the players

    Phaze, why were we given the option to change the difficulty to "Normal?" WHAT DID YOU DO WHY DID WE SUFFER. I still express mad props to your visage for the server, though.
  13. inShane

    Mann Vs Machine Recruitment

    Level 64 DPS Medic. My INT-specced hat means I can distribute more points to the Crossbow mastery, allowing me to hybridize.
  14. inShane

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    New computer! I don't lag in TF2 anymore! I'll be useful! I can now run L4D2 and Portal 2! Yesssssssss. Aieeeee!
  15. Hey Gabe, Think I could trade this Stocking Stuffer for Mann's Mint and either the Rainblower or Beggar's Bazooka? I can add metal if that's unbalanced. I've got finals this week though, so my availability is iffy...