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  1. RuiQi

    Cellphone Game's

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Kairosoft+Co.,Ltd#?t=W251bGwsbnVsbCxudWxsLDEwMiwibmV0LmthaXJvc29mdC5hbmRyb2lkLmJvdWtlbl9lbiJd These games on the android, though they are a bit expensive but you can try the Lite versions as demos. (or get your hands some "free" ones)
  2. RuiQi

    Ducky's Birthday Duckapalooza

    Happy birthday Duck.
  3. RuiQi

    Getting Pc Game Pad, Please Advise.

    I actually have this controller and I regret not getting the 360 one, maybe it's my small hands but the controller feels a bit awkward to use, it's like the playstation controller but it doesn't quite fit the hands. (Plus I have some issues with the right stick). The 360 controller has better direct game support with just plug and play I believe, I have to mess around with 3rd-party software to get the controller to function correctly.
  4. RuiQi

    My Dad Works At Nintendo

    My dad works at GameFreak, and they are not making another pokemon game, they are killing off the franchise.
  5. RuiQi

    The (Seriously) Worst Death Scene Ever

    As someone has already pointed out, they seemed to have re-used the same few shots for the girl firing at him.
  6. RuiQi


    Netbooks are low-end and every way inferior to notebooks, but comes in a much smaller form factor, lighter and easier to carry. They run on mostly AMD chipsets to achieve affortability but suffers on performance. Although now with AMD's APU A-series chipset they perform quite well with graphics and fully capable with non-demanding games with graphics turned down. (I don't know how AMD APU will do with minecraft though, that game is a bitch to run) Ultrabooks are high-end expensive thin laptops with mostly like intel chipsets and SSD storage, without dedicated graphics they might not even match AMD's APU performance in netbooks, although intel i-series chipset do perform much better with everyday task than AMDs. In order to build this super fast and thin shape they use SSDs and most like only have somewhere from 128~256Gb storage before getting ridiculously expensive. I can't even store movies in them, let alone install games. Both of these will never be on part with notebooks, but they are not trying to be because they are aiming for convinence rather than functionality, so don't expect too much, especially in the gaming department, though low-end is passible. If you guys still live at home and has a desktop/more powerful laptop for other stuff either netbooks and ultrabooks are perfectly fine. Although one of the biggest problem for both is battery life. Netbooks often require extended batterys and ultrabook with higher-end models which adds to their cost. Some of the cheaper ones don't even break the 4 hour mark, making them for long hours at school undesirable. Having to carry the powerbrick to school with me kind of defeating the purpose of having a lighter laptop :V.
  7. RuiQi

    Tf2 Update Sep. 27

    I was hoping I would get something for already having Total War: SHOGUN 2, like that solider/demo mask... nope, need the collection. CURSE YOU VALVE AND YOUR TAUNTS!
  8. RuiQi

    Guys! Rabid's Birthday Is Today!

    It's your birthday and you're the one giving out free stuff? Who are you trying to be? Jesus?
  9. RuiQi

    Servbot's Not So Super Special Giveaway!

    I pick 16 (also me love long time ) ~ <3)
  10. RuiQi

    Upgrading After 5 Years!

    Dual Radeon 5570? I didn't even know you could crossfire a Radeon card that wasn't even in the gaming series.
  11. RuiQi

    Woo Earthbound

    Do we have to wait 3 minutes in real time for the door to open?
  12. RuiQi

    Mann Vs Machine

    O well, everytime there is an update with new items you always have to either lucky craft it or buy it in the store, so getting the new items in MvM with a ticket isn't that terrible. Plus if they made rewards for everyone in MvM the Mannconomy would be fucked
  13. RuiQi

    4V4 Practice Game - Saturday July 28Th 3 Pm Pst

    I'm in this one