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  1. Jorshamo

    Xbox One

    Please tell me the man on the right is trying to use his webcam to take a picture.
  2. Jorshamo

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    Saw Strek Trek Into Darkness last night. It was really, really, good. Serious plot twist spoilers: 10/10 would watch again
  3. Jorshamo

    E A To Develop Star Wars Games.

  4. Jorshamo

    Word Association

  5. Jorshamo

    Official Pokémon Thread

    4) Manipulate the RNG for fun and profit! I haven't gotten shinies, but I have gotten (near)perfect IV pokemon. It's pretty easy, you just need good timing and a little practice.
  6. It's not that anything he said was really offensive, it's that's he's an asshole with an ego 5 times as large as it should be, preventing him from seeing anything past "welp, hope she woulda been one of my fans"
  7. Jorshamo

    Gravity Falls

    Bozy Crazy online Epsiode are usually leaked early through the "Disney on demand" service putting the episodes on the roster about a week before they air. This one was leaked because Itunes, instead of adding the new epsiode, they replaced Carpet Diem with it, allowing people who already bought CD to download the new episode. Because of this, it's in HD (I think, I actually haven't got it downloaded yet.) e: yeah, HD End code spoiler:
  8. Instructions saying Ctrl+X to delete things aaaaaaa
  9. Jorshamo

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    Evade blue shells, feel badass. Also, the 3DS XL is amazing in EVERY WAY. SO BIG.
  10. Jorshamo

    Gravity Falls

    Carpet Diem download link Sites chock full of pretend-dl links, look for the small button on the first page, and uncheck the box on second, otherwise it'll try to download it's "accelerator"
  11. Jorshamo

    Gravity Falls

    Small update. The episode after Carpet Diem, "Boyz Crazy" appears to be confirmed for April 19th. Also, I'll just drop this here.
  12. Jorshamo

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    Here's to matzah and peanut butter sandwiches all week.
  13. Jorshamo

    Compliments to the players

    Purple, TFG, and Squic for L4D2 Disregard gas cans, acquire gnome.
  14. Jorshamo

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    It's good. Very good.
  15. Jorshamo

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    Just saw it myself, last night. It really was good. The little bits of attention to detail really sold it. And the Konami code and the "!" in the lost and found were the best bits of the film.