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  1. Happy birthday Fatcat. We need to have a Kitten Mitten match in 2fort.
  2. I'm a Mormon and I find this humorous.
  3. Sorry I necro'd, I'm a terrible person I know http://www.darkhorse...Lost-Adventures Official comic book with additional scenes not in the original series. http://www.darkhorse.com/Books/18-604/Avatar-The-Last-Airbender-Volume-1-The-Promise-Part-1- Kinda another season of TLA, but actually canon unlike the internet fan speculation on what book 4 would of been. I've seen both of these at Barnes and Noble. Check them out the're a good read.
  4. Guy who made the fix: http://steamcommunit...details/?id=656 I'm pullin out my brass beast set even though it's nearly useless on nom.
  5. - Fixed some clipping issues with the Warrior's Spirit Does that mean the viewmodel won't block a third of the screen?
  6. I tried that, I mentioned it and they thought I was talking about the 80's version Those leggings make rarity look very...hairy.
  7. I'm mormon and the bullshitting that goes on in the church is astounding. Don't listen to the ads on youtube, members may not be as obvious about being judgementel agaist people who don't follow the commandments, but believe me they are as prideful as any other bigoted branch of christianity. I really hate how uptight the women are in the place I go to. They are fuckin hypocrytes and they act like god would smile upon them. FUCK the church, Joseph Smith wrote a fanfiction of the bible full of o/c's and crap and bumped uglies with a shit ton of underage sluts all in the name of god. If it wern't for the few friends I had there, I would never step inside that excuse of a place they call the house of the lord! That felt good
  8. Well I toned down the graphics so it's doing much better. I have 3 gigs of ram and hl2.exe is using 400,000 kb of memory usage, should I do something about that? I hope not D=
  9. How should I tell my friends at church that i watch mlp:fim?
  10. Nothing specific just screams of anguish when i get owned by baker :<
  11. Conqueror of Shamballa ruined the original series for me. I don't like sad endings...
  12. I having chronic glitches with tf2's sound/visuals. At random times when everything seems fine the game will loop the sound and freeze for about 10 seconds. It eventually unfreezes, but when it does the Graphics look very buggy (see screenshot attached) and I have to alt tab to fix the textures. hl2.exe DOES NOT like alt tab! Can anyone tell me why this is happening. I have been dealing with this for 6 months and I am tired of it. I don't want to play on -noborder mode either because tf2 windowed looks terrible. edit: when the game unfreezes the drowning noise plays and the textures bug out. The same noise plays after I alt tab.
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