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  1. $5 isn't much, and if you win then you're saving so much plus helping a good cause
  2. Hey all, just thought I'd post this so everyone has an awesome chance to enter to win Dead Island L4DMods.com is doing a cool little lottery thing and the winner gets Dead Island (which is the epic game with awesome co-op that comes out next week) All you gotta do is buy a ticket for $5 which if you win will save you a ton of money for the price of some sweets. They said everyone can enter from where ever you are as long as you have Steam... ermm it ends 6th September so just under a week now. And that's about it for me to say If you wanna know more or want to enter go to the link below And if you do enter goodluck, I've already entered so you'll be up against me if you do... enter with caution, I may bite http://www.l4dmods.com/page/index.html/_/articles/l4dmodscom-lottery-%E2%80%93-dead-island-3082011-r12
  3. That's why people have terms and conditions As much as I'm sure they'll love that feedback. They'll need examples...like instead of voteban immunity, just give votekick immunity. That way if they are being an idiot, they would have to be a big enough of an idiot to get banned Reading through their goals it looks like they'll be putting up a webpage if they can get some donations to get started it seems.
  4. Oh my what a...lovely image? Also, I'm sneaky as sneaky can be, no-one beats my sneakiness
  5. I take pride in my titles Anywho this is me, UnderworlD however some places I'm also know as Fortune but that was taken here so I went with my other well known name Well this was fun... HI ALL *waves*
  6. Quality find "Give us a kissy" "How about I push you off this roof and break the arm you just got back..." "Yeahh" 5:02 - demoman XD "Stew tonight" "FUCK YA!" Oh my god too many to quote XD
  7. I remember hearing about this a while I wants to play it XD
  8. Some of those first shots look like they were taken from Battlefield Heroes XD OMG if we get get vehicles Wake Island would be so epic on team fortress 2
  9. Anyone else going to get RO2? I'm pretty sure I'll be getting it Got a few friends who have been wanting to play it as well. Did anyone play the first one here?
  10. Meh, doesn't seem that bad. As long as 1. when they fully launch the benefits ain't $/£20 or something XD 2. the benefits aren't OVERLYpowered 3. Everyone can get at least some sort of chance, like competitions etc.
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