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  1. 12:03 AM - Psyprox: good taste 12:04 AM - Sylver LFT: wait you're alive? It was like having a ghost pop out of its grave and compliment me on my avatar.
  2. Yeah I got this stupid Pyro bandana thing from a crate :< I guess I also have some metal to trade for the Casemaker too.
  3. Fuck yeah, now people other than my comp friends know what Process is. EDIT: I really love Process.
  4. Yeah, I found this Salvaged Crate yesterday and I was planning on selling it for some fast cash on the market, but if anyone has Essential Accessories or 4 keys that they'd trade for it, that would be cool.
  5. Pokemon Silver was a really good game.
  6. Hiatus over Land Before Swine 720p download heeere: Link
  7. Yeah, sorry M but the program I use to record refuses to work for me and I can't make any videos. :<
  8. I got some refined and a Scrap Sack I can sell.
  9. Go for it. I still got tons of free time.
  10. ISTJ, looked at the strengths and weaknesses thing, jesus christ that's accurate...
  11. Oh no, I already have a team, that were hoping to scrim with you guys since its kinda hard to find iron scrims.
  12. Hopefully you guys actually get to use the old scrim server since its just collecting dust now.
  13. Where's my steampipe update.
  14. I just started playing tf2 in fullscreen. OH GOD WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME ABOUT THE FPS BOOSTS.
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