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  1. Cedarbox

    TF2 Update: Jungle Inferno

    If you can't get into a server but wanna try out the new stuff anyway, the jetpack and new flamethrower work if you equip them in Itemtest. F7 brings up the menu, for those that aren't aware. Unfortunately, Itemtest has a low ceiling, but it's enough to give an idea of how the jetpack works.
  2. Cedarbox

    TF2 Update: Jungle Inferno

    Can I paint my sentry? I wanna paint my sentry...
  3. Cedarbox

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    Old video but... y'know. In case anyone hasn't heard Scootyman sing All Star.
  4. Cedarbox

    TF2 Update: Jungle Inferno

    Of course it's going to go live when I have fucking class! Argh! But seriously, jetpack pyro. Oh man. I'm already a pretty mobile pyro, this is gonna be fun. I'm also pretty pleased they got Saxton Hale's voice right. I was afraid they'd go too silly on it.
  5. Cedarbox

    What is this place?

    I still check the forums pretty much every day. I'd talk more but I feel like I'm talking to myself these days...
  6. Cedarbox

    Freebies: Extra Games And Guest Passes

    The Psychonauts giveaway is still valid. Just cashed in on it. Must have expired right after I nabbed it.
  7. Cedarbox

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    I don't usually nickname my pokemon. But I caught a shiny mimikyu that—I just—the feels... y'know? Been listening to Mimikyu's Song lately... So my little grayscale quiet-natured mimikyu is named Rags. Her hobbies include giving high fives and pretending to be a dustmop.
  8. Why is it that every fucking solicitor thinks they're exempt from the "No Solicitors" sign on my door? This lady shows up on my front step and I just fucking snapped. Threatened to call the cops, to pepper spray her and if I had a gun I probably would have waved it at her. It wasn't until I started pointing the pepper spray at her that she got off my porch. Fuck. I'm getting a gate. With a sign that lists off EXACTLY what a solicitor is.
  9. Cedarbox

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    Going to a LARP soon. Knowing the rule of the universe, the Pyro Update is going to drop right before I leave.
  10. Cedarbox

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    SGDQ's schedule is live. Not sure when it went live, but I'm just now noticing it. Noteworthy games include I Am Bread, SUPERHOT and Dark Souls 3. Including the usual sort of games. Opens with one-handed NieR: Automata on July 2nd. The Pokemon game of the event is Gold/Silver. The highlight of the event is probably going to be a warpless Mario series relay race. It sounds like it's going to stretch over multiple games, which sounds very ambitious. There are fifteen people listed as participants. The event ends with Earthbound. I didn't see anyone from here on the runner list. Or any YouTubers I follow. Maybe next year, Bisnap...
  11. Cedarbox

    ...and It Made Me Smile

    Maru's getting old!
  12. Cedarbox

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    See a Hoothoot in Pokemon Go. Wonder if I have a Noctowl already. Decide to catch it. Caught it. Then... "Oh?" Then the game proceeds onto a screen like it's evolving. It was a fucking Ditto. I caught a fucking Ditto. So that's how Dittos work. Sweet.