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  1. Worth the wait, though it's really feeling like a swan song.
  2. "I got the dart monkey on me back!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3ie1C_OZLg&feature=youtu.be&t=35s
  3. Now I half expect to see a "taking selfie over ragdoll/gibs of slain enemy" taunt.
  4. Did anyone have their gameplay stats/records and achievements get !@#$ed up after the update? I took the update and as I started to play I noticed all my "time in class/high score in class" numbers were zeroed out. Jay then noticed that all the achievements I previously earned all got set to showing as having been unlocked at the time I started playing last night. (All 400 plus showing up at one time in friends activity.) I opened a support ticket out of curiosity, but was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else.
  5. Mannceaux Signature Collection BallooGreat Gazoo-nicorn, baby!
  6. A bunch of items in the store seem to be on-sale, too. Tour of Duty tickets, Squad Surplus tickets, and paint all seem to be 50% off normal prices.
  7. Here you go: http://www.dwcon.org/ It's every two years. Next one is 8-11 Aug 2014.
  8. um why? I'm guessing it's because *so* many Demos, if they used a shield, used the Splendid Screen to get the stronger bash, insta-bash, and short-range crit. This makes the Targe a bit more attractive for a charge demo even though it dishes out less damage. Especially on DeGroot Keep. The Targe has been nigh useless there compared to the Screen: the explosive and fire resistances aren't a big deal since there are few sources of those (Caber, Volcano Fragment, Flaming arrows) so people become human battering rams instead.
  9. "Torberg" is my real name. Nicknames have never really stuck with me over the years, so I'm usually just "Tor." I just felt like using the full version as my username.
  10. Just out of curiosity, is anyone attending this weekend? I may stop by on Sunday and am just wondering. https://www.nadwcon.org/
  11. Must be why many discussions can never move forward.
  12. Glad you're okay, if having difficulty. Good luck with it. If we're on at the same time, perhaps we'll do the trade. If not, I'm not in any rush; whatever is convenient for you. Thanks. - edited: 6 Nov at 1416 - Thanks for the trade!
  13. Sure, I'll take you up on that. I can pop by Steam tonight to make the trade. Preferred time? (I see you're in Bayonne. Were you badly impacted by Sandy? I used to live in Staten Island so I've been following the destruction that occurred there. -edit- Wait, I'm confused. Your forum entry says Bayonne but your Steam profile says Seoul. I'm confused.)
  14. I'm interested in the Medic soul. Would you be willing to accept a Heavy or an Engy soul? (I even have a Haunted version of each of those if it sweetens the deal.)
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