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    You ever punch a baby? I have....was a good day. Messed that baby up. He could take a punch though I give em' that.
  1. Man, I still can't get use to how bright this is now
  2. I wish people still posted in this thread
  3. It's probably the best batman side story spin off alternate stuff cause Thomas is super pissed in it an actually kills people in his super cool outfit. The hypist shit!
  4. So I was given a gamecube with loads of games and what not so I do the obvious and hook it up. I'm getting excited because I have twilight princess inside ready to go. I would also like to note that this the first time I've ever owned a gamecube and such. Would always have to go to friends house and be forced to watch him play games. But I turn it on and I realize that there's no floop floppin controller. I scrummage around in the boxes with games and for some reason an xbox controller but can't find a gamecube one. Eventually I give up and I decided I'll hook up this ps2 that I now also own, not the first one I've own so it isn't as special of a moment but still good because also a load of games came with it. I hook that chicken strip up and I've got controllers for that, too many to count. Ready to play some Def Jam, Fight for NY because it's the hypist game and everyone knows it. That moment though where I realize that I don't have a McCrakin' memory card and the one I did have has diapered into what would seem like dust in the wind.
  5. Everybody should like that show
  6. Why it gotta be a white sword?
  7. So apparently Atlus just kinda stopped being funded. No more person games for a while I guess
  8. If we're going movies, you're right. Not all of them are very big but if we're talking comics then there's She-Hulk, Elsa Bloodstone, Elektra, Power Princess, some side hero's that got their own comics are spider-girl, american dream, a lot of x-men people and a lot of avenger ones. There really isn't a lot but there is some. Just not common ones
  9. ShowingNew name: It's the better drink Chali: obviously is Chali: its like Chali: drinking a mountain Chali: but its a mt dew ShowingNew name: dude ShowingNew name: dude dude ShowingNew name: It's lie ShowingNew name: drinking a mountin right ShowingNew name: but the dew of the mountin ShowingNew name: so like ShowingNew name: that's why it's called ShowingNew name: mountin dew
  10. >tfw no dad to fathers day with
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