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  1. Freddie the Riddlesmith

    ...and It Made Me Smile

    Guess who has returned to TF2? And FINALLY cleared my Steam wishlist. Enjoying lots in video game haven.
  2. Freddie the Riddlesmith

    Mighty No. 9

    It is time to celebrate... To celebrate the succession of a legend... To support its maiden launch. Good luck, and may the journey ahead be peaceful, Beck.
  3. Freddie the Riddlesmith

    Watch Your Step In Here, I Spilled Some Beans

    Eh, just moving with the times I guess. So long as it doesn't affect how things are run here too much, it's okay.
  4. Freddie the Riddlesmith

    Post your rants here! (no rants about other people here)

    ... I am disappointed with some of the fanfic communities I've been frequenting lately. A majority of them tend to criticize the people writing the fanfics rather than the fanfic themselves. Some have ignored these critiques outright, others have lashed at their critics with so much hatred that "vicious cycle" is an understatement. Upon actually reading those fanfics that have been criticized, they contained so much issues, from grammar to outright removal of canon elements that some of these writers had appeared to ignore ALL criticism, not just the ones aimed at them. There was simply no steps taken to make the fanfic better from the writers at all. If it keeps up, then I will no longer be able to enjoy fanfiction anymore.
  5. Freddie the Riddlesmith

    Choose Your Team

    White, Black, Red, Blue Mages. TASTE THE RAINBOW. Alternatively, DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC (RAINBOWS)?
  6. Freddie the Riddlesmith

    Happy Birthday Ager.

    Happy Birthday.
  7. Freddie the Riddlesmith

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    Hella bored tonight. Was planning on watching RWBY, but my computer isn't helping me much still. So, if possible, I like to be entertained.
  8. Freddie the Riddlesmith

    The Universal Picture Thread!

    Clever, but rather evil:
  9. Freddie the Riddlesmith

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    And now after so long, I still have yet to replace my computer for some reason... I seriously need to get motivated somehow.
  10. Freddie the Riddlesmith

    What's The Story Behind Your Username?

    Was isol756 because of some random thoughts in my head when I started my Steam account, then switched to Cromartie High School character names since I like the series (helps that Freddie is memorable), and then the Riddlesmith is another thing that was in my head for a while. So there you go, the reason my username seems so familiar and yet so odd-looking.
  11. Freddie the Riddlesmith

    The World's End

    WANT. And also if possible, get some of the folks here to watch with me.
  12. Freddie the Riddlesmith

    The Lego Movie

    Adding this to my must watch checklist for 2014.
  13. Freddie the Riddlesmith

    This Is An Avocado

    Could I get another? I love them avocados.
  14. Freddie the Riddlesmith

    How Did You Find The Nom Sever, What Made You Stay?

    Wandered around some servers when I first got TF2, my regular server shut down, then saw the youtube channel for this community, and stayed because of the quirkiness that emanates from this place.
  15. Freddie the Riddlesmith

    You Are Approached By A....

    Take his quantum harmonizer and put it in his photonic resonation chamber, and then PUT IT IN EVERYONE ELSE'S PHOTONIC RESONATION CHAMBERS! EVERYONE'S! It's the scientific way to do things, after all.