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  1. Guys so I found this bootleg Pokemon Emerald on ebay. Booted it up and the thing is in this amazing engrish. I managed to find a rom of it online so if anyone is into that silly engrish translation stuff, I'll be streaming it later tonight. http://www.livestream.com/paruland
  2. In Brawl he was alright, but he got a slight buff from that. In 64 he was godtier. He was garbage in melee ;_;
  3. Ness is actually good now and he's so cute <3 On the other hand, my Melee main Dr Mario got nerfed :C
  4. I swear to fucking christ, I just want to stop having dreams about my ex. They make me feel like absolute garbage when I wake up
  5. I wrote a haiku to explain how I feel: I ate too much food. I think that I will explode. Somebody kill me.
  6. Hello I am Paru I buy video games This is a thing: 2449 - 5132 - 0352 This also, is a thing: GiygasNightmare
  7. I thought demos recorded other players' voices? I know they do in TF2
  8. My heart can only take so much. RIP Ice Cowboys ;_;7
  9. Surely there has to be a report feature Edit: Even with 1 or 2 friends with you. Surely they can chime in and tell the offender to fuck themself with a cactus Edit 2: Fuck, I've used the word "surely" too much today
  10. Hey now, I'm stuck on windows 8 right now. Judging only by the start menu, this looks like something I could get behind for when I need a new computer
  11. Kinda wish Mega Man wasn't solid garbage tier
  12. No, don't play with assholes. I'm not familiar with how CS:GO's matchmaking system works, but can you not bring some friends along who won't tolerate that sort of shit?
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