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  1. FUCK YOU PARU, ITS NOT LIKE I LIKE YOU OR ANYTHING! BA-KAKA! no but seriously, have fun and fuck you.
  2. i plugged my sega genesis into my computer which do i click?
  3. repus

    Sonic Boom

    >buff knuckles >buff eggman >bangarang i can feel the trainwreck
  4. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!
  5. repus

    Hey Folks!

    No upward!? You poor soul.
  6. This birthday could use some competition.
  7. repus

    Hey Folks!

    Does xbox version have hats?
  8. Hello friends. Today I come to you with news that there is a cheater among us. I've suspected this person since day one and now I finally have proof of his misdeeds. I began to suspect torch was cheating when I noticed his proficiency with getting headshots as a sniper. I also noticed that he is suspiciously good at avoiding attacks I am shooting him will all of my demo rockets and I am not doing any damage. Clearly something is up. After ten years of me firing at him, I do eventually get him. But look at how low my health is! And though this is all very suspicious, I disregard it as a fluke. That is untill i noticed this. Dont see it? Look closer. Closer. Closer. See? A crit! On a no crit server too! Doesn't make any sense right? You can't have crits on a no crit server. However, I am certain that this final set of pictures will confirm all suspicions. He hacked a shotgun for his pyro! Everybody knows the pryo only has the flamethrower, the flare gun, and the axtinguisher. Oh man all this updating is making me hungry, I'll be right back. Aww yeah, burritos. Just gonna put this in the microwave. Man, this sure is taking a long time to cook. What the hell!? TORCH YOU SON OF A BITCH! YOU BURNT MY BURRITO!!
  10. So I just recently found out this exists.
  11. repus

    L>Robot Parts

    Any robot parts will do as it seems i need to collect a fair amount of them to compete the kit. i will pay standard price based on the part that is being offered. Additionally i need a killstreak weapon. i will pay up to 2 rec for one, so if you have a killstreak weapon that you dont want i will take it off your hands. its ogre
  12. I was gonna rename all of my diamondbacks to "the disappointment." Glad to see I can still do that.
  13. Always play with friends so you have someone to blame.
  14. Probably would be easier to just wait a few months and give someone 2 keys for a collectors caber. Also, valve needs to add collectors collector chemistry items. get 200 collectors cabers to get a collectors collector caber.
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