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  1. Hey ya'll, Ratty, Meep, Colonel, Axel, and all my other friends. It's been nearly 10 years since I graduated Highschool and fell out of this community. I just wanted to say that I loved playing with all of you. Being eaten by the Nom-nom-nom train, having nomnomnom in my tag name (or nomĀ³ if you were a baller), and generally annoying everyone with random "ARROW'D" kills when the huntsman first came out are some of my best memories. I want to say thank you. The reason I have almost 2.5k hours in TF2, or even still play, is because of all of you. I got bullied a lot in school and I always looked forward to playing with you all when I got home. If any of you ever read this, know that you made a difference in this kid's life. You all knew me when I was 15 and I'm turning 28 this year and I hope you're all doing great where ever you are in life. A thousand times thank you, Squiffy Plains
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