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Found 8 results

  1. A new free to play fighting game coming out on PC from Radiant Entertainment, that tries to eliminate the execution barrier that keeps most people from getting into fighting games. Moves that would require directional inputs in other games are now single button presses, even supers. Characters also have loadout systems, where you can swap out specials for one another. The game is meant to be completely free, and there is supposedly going to be nothing for purchase in the first 6 months of release while they figure things out. Also it stars robots. Sometimes Russian. And sometimes piloted by dogs. Sometimes both. Currently, alpha starts on July 28, with invites going out in waves as they make sure their servers can handle the load. Alpha registration
  2. Wraith

    Rural Evil

  3. Basically a metroidvania where you play as a tetromino. You can transform into different shapes of tetromino to get through different obstacles; reminds me of Paper Mario. Levels are also tetris, move and rotate the rooms to create new paths to progress. Planned for release in 2015, but in the meantime, have a playable demo (direct dl link). Kickstarter, where, if they meet their goal, Ouya will double the final amount raised as part of their Free The Games campaign. $15 gets you the game, $20 adds the soundtrack, and $40 gets you into the beta. You can get these for reduced prices if you pledge early enough. Greenlight Yee.
  4. So we've all had something crazy happen in game that we want to tell everyone about. Maybe you killed the medic with his pocketed soldier's reflected rocket, maybe you accidentally headshotted a cloaked spy (who doesn't remember the first time that happens?) or maybe you saved the game for your team with some crazy heroics? Hell, maybe it's not something good that happened. Maybe you were all set up for a huge push and you kritzed the demo and an enemy pyro killed your whole team with a single reflected pipe. Who knows? Share. Tell the world about your moment of glory/failure. Myself, the other day I was playing a very aggressive medic. Not battle medic, as I wasn't neglecting my team, but I was fast to pull out my ubersaw and cut down anything that looked at me wrong. So we're on the last point of the second part of Dustbowl. A heavy comes out and starts to spray at the team. He runs out of ammo and I go after him. I chase him around the corner and right in front of his whole team and a sentry. I walked away alive. The heavy did not. His team wasn't prepared and the sentry was in the middle of leveling up. Most unlikely medic kill ever. Except for maybe one kill...
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjB_oVeq8Lo hooray for everyday heroes!
  6. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1661802484/hyper-light-drifter ETA: June 2014. I'm keeping an eye on this one, too.
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