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Found 30 results

  1. Size is ~65mb RIP "SKOOOR" 2015-2015
  2. ~135 MB New map and gamemode!
  3. Aaaaaand EOTL crate added
  4. The removing of sentry ammo is a pretty elegant way of fixing that problem.
  5. tl;dr get to farming those old spells and costume pieces
  6. Update is ~50MB
  7. Update is ~75MB Saxxy winners have also been announced.
  8. Size is 188.2 Mb Looking like this update breaks sourcemod so you'll have to wait a bit for an update to that. 'bout time on that aspect texture update Also, Asteroid's been detailed (on the outside, at least)
  9. That mp_spectators_restricted sounds like a great way to prevent teamstacking.
  10. 84: Killstreak Stickybomb Kit Killstreak Direct Hit Kit Killstreak Huntsman Kit Killstreak Backburner Kit Killstreak Backscatter Kit Killstreak Kritzkreig Kit Killstreak Ambassador Kit Killstreak Frontier Justice Kit 85: Air Strike Strangifier Classic Strangifier Manmelter Strangifier Vaccinator Strangifier Strange Part: Robot Scout Kills Strange Part: Taunting Player Kills Strange Part: Buildings Destroyed Anger Strangifier Apparition's Aspect Strangifier Widowmaker Strangifier
  11. Team Fortress 2 Update Released June 26, 2014 - TF2 Team An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include: Added a new startup music track from Expiration Date"Rise of the Living Bread", from the fight against the giant bread monster. Fixed a client crash related to the B.A.S.E. Jumper Fixed an exploit related to the B.A.S.E. Jumper and supply cabinets Updated the B.A.S.E. Jumper backpack to use an open model when the parachute is deployed Fixed a few crates not displaying which Unusual Series they can potentially output Fixed a client crash caused by applying a tool to an empty backpack slot Removed the shot effect for The Classic in DirectX 8 Updated the name of The Senguko Scorcher to be The Sengoku Scorcher Updated the Summer Starter Kit and Summer Adventure Pack to be marketable Updated the localization files
  12. Update ~70mb Gunslinger dispensers now only cost 70 metal It was a bug all along! Maybe. Localization files shows backend support for equipping multiple taunts Menu was found Spy disguise UI and build/destroy UI also changed The Great Leakening (a.k.a. list of new assets apart from below listed bread) courtesy of Facepunch user testinglol Lecture Valley, here we come! Bread randomly falls out of people when teleporting. tf_throwable_breadmonster added to the game files and entity list. Bread models added to game: Will try to update OP as often as possible on this continuing unearthing of new teasings, feel free to chime in if I've missed anything
  13. Update size is ~50MB For those wondering, Pyromancer's mask now has its own equip region, also making it the first unusual Pyro misc (which will undoubtedly make them fucktuple in value) so congrats, tinder
  14. In case you're wondering about it and for the sake of record keeping. 37.4 MB update at around 2:10a PDT (-0700 UTC). If you haven't been checking up on the news, there was a hole in the Source engine that was exploited in Garry's Mod to upload a file to a game server, transmit said arbitrary code to a connected client, hook into Steam, and spam messages into a group and to friends. A bit more info on /r/GlobalOffensive. And a Facepunch thread, where all the news has been. It has reportedly infected 600+ servers and 30,000 people[citation needed, just going off of memory]. Not as scary in TF2 considering it doesn't exactly have Lua scriptability to allow clients to hook into libraries from the download directory, but still worth patching. Earlier update from yesterday, as noted, include the addition of more ETF2L medals. And also in the news is the report of an item duplication bug. Fun stuff all around. This message brought to you in part by "why the fuck am I awake at 5:30a" Item duplication bug as noted earlier was actually a schema flaw that allowed a user to make a Giftapult usable as a crate key for unboxing. $0.04 keys, anyone? >trusting the client
  15. See below for patch notes. Areas of interest: All crates are now rare-ish drops. Far cry from salvaged but still rare. All of the contents from the new crates are either strangifiers, strange parts, or killstreak kits. Kits can be specialized or professional, albeit rarely. New chemistry sets dropping, they have an expiration date and cannot be partially completed. They appear to be strangifiers for all strongbox cosmetics. The backpack UI has changed to page numbers rather than left/right arrows, and when looking through numbered-page lists or dragging an item, the list wraps (so you can right-arrow from page 8/8 to page 1/8, for example) Thief promos are craftable, and I'm happy to report that the compound bow drops, not just craft-only. Below post contains patch notes.
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