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What This Is About

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Why we're different

(edited November 27, 2009)

The server started when TF2 did, so we're coming up to almost 2 years now.

I continuously update this with how things have formed. Over time it changes, but here is how it is now. I think every server's admins should state what makes them special, why would anyone want to play on just another server with no identity? When you state your identity, then others can see it and decide if it is for them or not. Also, this is based on how things have actually played out, I went into it with one goal, but in reality, other things happen.


To fit in here you don't have to be highly skilled, just nice. However, also not prudish and offended by swearing when not mean-spirited, or *gasp* a porn spray.


We are respectful, but not too mature. Having fun, but without abusing people (unless its someone we know, and they dont mind it). In between the 2 extremes of "old people" servers, and "fun" servers. In reality, its more towards the fun mode, but I try to make sure the fun is managed. Too much silly fun, and people get bored. Not enough, and people get bored for other reasons.


Old people servers: You've played on "mature" servers where they have rules against swearing and other stupid shit that really doesn't hurt anybody. They'll lock forum posts when its about something they disagree with, not even if it's not offensive or abusive. If its about a server rule they aren't interested in changing, they'll lock the topic. Its one thing to say you won't change it, but censoring any discussion that disagrees with you? That is fascist bullshit and I will not allow it! Age has robbed them of sense of humor, and desire to compromise.


Fun mode servers: I like some elements of this, but not when it kills gameplay. We'll get up to and a little over the line of destroying gameplay, but come back over to normal gameplay. If its ever realized that people aren't playing, we stop that. SOMETIMES, like when we made the spy crab video, we'll goof around, but thats rare.

The servers I'm talking about have no problem abusing the people that randomly join their server, which goes too far. I have a sense of humor that stops when it actually abuses innocent people. Exploiting bugs and locking the door, and not letting them leave without answering trivia questions for example. More examples of the groups I mean, are something awful, myg0t, 2fort2furious, 4chan.

Or even without abusing, if the map is on mario_kart, that is a sandbox type of fun, that I dont want for the main server.

So as a compromise, I made some plugins to do silly things during the bonus round after the round is won, and during "waiting for players" mode.


Not a clan

This is not a clan, so there are no hoops to jump through, just join up and play, we'll be glad to see you. If you want to put a [nom nom nom] on your name, go for it.


Server - TF2 Main server


What you can expect from us

This is not a "fun" server, it is for real gameplay. Mostly. :)

We sometimes put the server in "fun mode" for a few rounds, but go back to real game play hopefully before people get sick of it.


Expect great features and cutting edge technology. Games should allow the community to contribute, and Valve has allowed server admins to do a lot with mods. These mods can easily be made to abuse players, and we'll make effort not to do that. Admin vs admin abuse is an exception, as long it doesn't escalate into admin wars. :)


Rules for everybody, players and admins


There shouldn't be a lot of rules, the fewer the better, just treat others with respect and you'll be alright. Saying "fuck you" is totally cool if its done with a smile and the other person takes it that way, but if you go over the line, just apologize and try not to do it again. If you're the type that can't take it when confronted about you offending them, you will not last.

But here are some specific rules;


  • Unless its something really obvious like exploiting or racism, if you are busted on a rule you didn't know about, don't worry about it! I won't say you should have known, just from now on do whatever, and its all good. Just be cool, fit in, and be excellent to each other.
  • No exploiting. If it gives you infinite god mode, the ability to kill teammates, or really anything that is common sense to most people that you shouldn't do, you'll be banned for it. Its amazing that people actually act surprised for being banned for exploiting.
  • Racism is pretty ban on first offense. Seriously, most of us doing have racial slurs in our daily vocabulary, if you do, something is wrong with you, not us.
  • Obey the admins! What they say overrides all rules. If you try to pull legal style "but the law states..." crap, you'll just be mocked.
  • Porn and offensive sprays are OK. Loosen up. You should really just turn off sprays in the game options if you get grossed out or offended at the stuff people come up with.
  • Swearing is ok.
  • Treat everyone with respect. If you don't respect someone, don't bring the drama into public chat where everyone has to put up with it. If someone is doing something you don't like, you can ask them to stop, but if they don't want to, you can't force them. If it is disrupting the game for people, an admin can step in and take care of it.
  • If someone is disrupting the game, an admin should just warn them once to try to get them to straighten up, and if they don't, they should be kicked immediately. If they rejoin and show any disrespect, they should be banned. Giving into the drama of a problem player just takes the focus away from playing, and skipping straight to a ban isn't fair either. Just warn once, kick, then ban. If the person is cheating or some other behavior that makes it obvious that person doesn't care about the experiences of others, then skip to ban. And actually in the case of racist assholes, I've never had one of them stop when asked, so skip to banning for those guys. Anyone who does not give a damn about other people needs to be booted.

What if you're banned?

If its for hacking, and you really were, sorry but we don't want your kind here.

I used to say anyone that is banned for bad behavior can get a 2nd chance without hassle, but after a 0% rate of those people reforming, I'll just say, if you're banned, just go someplace else. If you can't respect the privilege of playing on this awesome server, then you need to grow up, elsewhere.



Long ago I (Ratty) ran furry communities, but as it turned out, being a furry doesn't make you a nice person (surprise!), so why give them preferential treatment? Furries are welcome here, just like everyone else. But if you're looking for a place that accepts you because you are a furry, no matter how rude you are, there are other servers out there for you.



There is a long history here, but lets just go over the history of the current community.

  • October 2007: Ratty started "Ratty's TF" a few days after TF2 was released, the moment the linux version was available.
  • April 23, 2008: Spooky, a long time community member, had the [nom nom nom] clan, he agreed to let Ratty take the name for the server, since it was such an awesome name.
  • June, 2009: The server was empty most of the time, until an unexplained (youtube perhaps, but its not proven) flood in popularity, ever since then the server is full 24 hours a day.


The list is here

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This post will go over how to use the features of the server, as well as anything that needs explaining. This would be perfect as a wiki page, but I'm not gonna make a nom wiki just for 1 document. :)


***Reserved slots***

How to get a slot

To get a slot, you have to play here regularly, be respectful, mature, and be liked by the admins. The process works by an admin nominates you to the rest of us, and if approved, they get a slot. If you know any admins, you can ask them nicely ONE TIME to recommend you, and if they don't, just shut up about it. If an admin nomiates you, and you end up being a jerk, they are on the hook, so you're basically asking them to risk their own reputation by recommending you, and you shouldn't think these are given out lightly.

Ok, I need to stop here and point something out to the kids that read this and think that means to join the server and ask "are there any admins here?". No, surprisingly we don't just give reserved slots to people that shout "someone give me a slot!". If you pester us, that only makes a case for not adding you. We actively look for new people that we like to add, so if you're annoying, talk way too much on the mic, or are otherwise detract from the experience when you're on the server, don't expect a slot.

Do not make any posts here asking for a slot.


***Competitive play signups***

If you're interested, click here then click the radio button checkbox next to the "scrimmer" group, then click submit (it is set to join selected by default).

Use this other thread to post any discussion stuff if you're not joining us.


This isn't for the league play against other teams, this is just for organized matches between each other. We play around 8PM Pacific time on different nights, for 1 hour. If you can't make it to anywhere near that time, then don't bother.


***Web resources***

Not necessarily important enough for the front page, but I want them all listed.


Admin list

Reserved slot holders

List of all the maps on the server

List of the maps in the mapcycle


Map ratings

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