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Friendship Is Magic (The Mlp Thread)

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at the beginning I was happy there was a song but I didn't feel it was worth the wait.


then I listened to it again


and again


and again


and now I realize: maybe it wasn't as good as some songs but it's still an really good one. also it has fluttershy and that makes everything 100% yay


here's the song


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Yesterday, Friendship is Magic finally debuted in Brazil!


...and it debatable if it was worth the wait :|

The translation is pretty good, altough not perfect. But the voices... I'll only mention the Mane cast:


Well done: AJ is the best, followed by Rarity.

Could be better: Twilight and Fluttershy were pretty okay, but I'm not quite okay with their acting. As for Pinkie Pie, while it seens the VA is trying, the voice doesn't match the character.

What is this I don't even: Brazilian Rainbow Dash is... well, remember Polish Spitfire? Eeyup!


If anyone's curious, here you go:




And the songs? I fear for the rest of the season...



But all things considered, it could be a lot worse!

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Hey remember that fugly Applejack skin for Tf2 ?


isn't that the vs ponyville mod from the ponyville servers?


they have models for applejack, rainbowdash, fluttershy, twillight sparkle, rarity, pinkie pie, vinyl scratch and trixie. and they're working on 1 more.


its actually a pretty fun mod. i visit the place very often when nom is empty or full.

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Posted Image


these two are the very favorites of a good friend of mine. i shall send this her way.



don't you ask me why i was peeking in this thread. >_>

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Well, America did recently unban horse meat.


I just put two and two together and realized that I work in the butcher block at a large grocery store. Does this mean I might have to eventually....serve and slice pony meat?


I-i don't know if I could that...

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