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Official Pokémon Thread

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I couldn't do much to the last thread, as its old, large, and impossible for me to organize.
However, with this, I plan to include updates, latest news, friend codes, and the what not.

So bear with me while I try to make this look pretty! :D

In the meantime, if you got friend codes to other games, you should post them here!

=============FIRST POST WORK IN PROGRESS===================

Upcoming and Current Events

There are currently no events at the moment.

Friend Codes


Pokemon Pearl:

Pokemon Diamond:
RabidServbot: 2063-8936-9925

Pokemon Platinum:
RabidServbot: 2321-2326-1234

Pokemon: Heart Gold:
Mahbonk: 4770-7684-0771
Quaint: 1763-4862-3554
RabidServbot: 2837-4079-3584

Pokemon: Soul Silver:
RabidServbot: 1678-3980-7179


Pokemon Black:
Combustable Panda: 5017-3441-8721 (NOT VALID)
DANGER_HIGH_VOLTAGE: 0690-5178-7474
Duke ? Block: 2193-7541-6745
Meep Meep XD: 5114-2770-6274
Quaint: 3611-0398-3149
RabidServbot: 3825-8133-0434

Pokemon White:
AngelGoose: 5457-9389-2022
BakerMartin: 0733-4934-2245
CyclopsDragon: 4684-7740-2931
Emeraldscorpion: 2150-8371-2391
HeartlessKev: 0046-2189-6557
RabidServbot: 3997-5825-4434
Vostroyan1: 0862-3255-0766
Zuul: 4684-7770-8958

Pokemon Black 2:
AngelGoose: 1120-8289-5145

Pokemon White 2:
Quaint: 1937-1385-3040

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Pokemon White: 4684 7770 8958

I don't have wifi but I know on Monday I'll be at a place that has it. If you need stuff from White, PM me and we'll set up a ~date~



because I need them Black exclusive pokes

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Pokemon Black:

2193 7541 6745


Got White aswell but can't be bothered getting the code for it.



Pokemon White:

1248 8885 3638


Word of Warning - I plan on restarting White so my code might not be right, check with me before you add it.

Edited by Duke ? Block

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Just started my Heart Gold.

But my old DS cant connect to the Wi-fi.


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Alright, everyone's codes have been added, but if you have the 4th generation as well, be sure to add those too (I will when I have the free time).


I am also putting up Current and Upcoming Events so everyone doesn't miss event pokemon and such. The Victini event is over (ends April 10th apparently), so I did not include that one. I will post when a new event is coming.

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blarg, my wifi is WAP2 or something. It has a password, and my DS can see it, but it says it is an incompatible access range. :( I know how to change it, my family has alot of devices that connect to it, and i dont want to have to change ALL of those thing's settings...


oh well, my friends wifi lets me connect, ill probably be there monday.

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I hate my bro for losing all my Pokemon games before Gen 5, now I can't get a Tyraniboah because they removed TM Focus Punch from Gen 5. D=<

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Oh, so that is why Golurk can learn Fly...

Edited by Highwind

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Its the same in Diamond/Pearl up to Black/White. You first need to connect to Nintendo Wifi to get your code, then it should be an option in your Pal Pad, labeled as "(Your name)'s code".






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I wasnt even looking for a shiny pokemon, but okay, yeah, hello shiny darumaka.


you're pink :|

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