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Official Pokémon Thread

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Also, those rideable pokemons seems to be replacing HMs now? Or at least make them optional.


Which is something i would be very happy to see. HMs should have been retired gens ago IMO. I always hated giving up one or two moves/pokemons just for the sake of having HM slaves.

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I know soaring took over for flying in ORAS, which was very much appreciated. I hope that becomes a regular thing that's unique to legendaries, it'll help to make them feel special again and lighten up on some of the obligation to center the story around them.


I wondertraded my Latias immediately in a recent wonderlocke run but I could still use it for soaring. I don't even...

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A new teaser has been posted. Things are looking very different.


Also, looks like they're bringing back some Pokemon Snap elements.


Day/night cycles are gonna be a thing again. Moon is gonna be set 12 hours earlier/later than Sun, so that the day/night cycle is inverted. Pretty cool idea, I think.

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If the new Pokemon anime art design didn't tell you they wanted a piece of the Yokai Watch demographic, maybe this new Pikachu dance will.


Also that Eevee special ability is 'casting Knights of the freaking Round' long.

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Grimer and Muk were one of those Pokemon where you said 'out of ideas'.


Nintendo thought you wanted an Alolan form of that. So here you go.





Thank Arceus for that stoned-out Meowth form.

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So, shame on all of us for not posting anything when this silly game actually came out.


Not gonna say anything about the story other than Game Freak is getting better. But who didn't expect that?  Then there's the literal progress gating... fuck them for that. I know it's necessary but the least they could do is disguise it! I guess they can only do a certain number of mechanics-bending things in a given game.


Also, I'm determined to make pyukumuku a good pokemon without any sort of extensive setup. Under the spoiler is what's stopping me.



If you don't count bide and counter, it has ZERO attacking moves. It's all status. I mean, sure, it's a great suicide bomber against sweepers, but... fuck.


Right now, I'm leveling mine up to see if I can make a taunt/bide combo work. I don't have high hopes.



Hell, who am I kidding? I want it to work because it's fucking impossible.

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