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It Begins

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New mapcycle is up.


In the first sentence, the capitalized letters are TIYULNR. The period is a link back here.


I sense a clue in the actual mapcycle as well.




















NUTRLIY <-- Almost sounds like 'not really'


ILUTRNY <-- 'I love you tranny'?


Fuck it, I give up.

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That seems like a pretty important date to me [MESSAGE RETRACTED]




International Day for the Abolition of Slavery? That's important it seems.

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I know Schmoofy. I know what he's thinking.


I'm wondering if I should tell you what that date means.


Wait nevermind.

Edited by OrangeL

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"The community's involvement will be key to this arg, which goes live December 2."


That's what I got form this.

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i did find something, though it was completely by accident so i'm going to ask him if it is part of this stage or if it's jumping ahead before sharing it.


Edit: just checked and I can't share that info just yet, but I do have a message for nosoop, "right idea, wrong execution." That is all for now.

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The date of [REDACTED] has something to do with Schmoofy, 'cause he said "seems like a pretty important date to me".

There's nothing directly linking to him from the sources I've looked into. It may be related to the community, buuut who knows. I browsed his Twitter page and ran a search on the forums for December 02.


Closest thing I have is this message from the TF2 server logs (nom-nom-nom.us main, arena_ravine):


No idea what the context for this message is, though.


Any other ideas? I'm probably looking too hard into it.

Edited by nosoop

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only thing I found community related and to schmoofy on december 2nd was this thread...




so maybe its on minecraft? or in the minecraft threads?


either that or... it's the tf2 beta threads...


Hell the only other thing I found (note, that I found) that is important to schmoofy is the disney VMK! haha


EDIT: he also loves naked news http://forums.nom-nom-nom.us/topic/10561-turn-around-and-cough/

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