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Laptop Custom Building

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My friend has been promised a high end laptop if he complies to.... specific requirements by the end of summer. Basically, he can get the most expensive laptop he can buy. I have no idea on how laptops work when it comes to custom building. I know you can't buy parts off of newegg and make one from scratch like a good ol' desktop. Can I just build one on a website? Where is this magic website? If not that, where can one buy high end laptops? HP, Dell, and Alienware do not count as high end.

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You can somewhat build your own - look for white box laptops, from Asus, Averatec or other components companies. Typically, you're stuck with the motherboard and screen, but you can use any compatible cpu, hdd, ram modules. Some may even have an option to choose gpu options, but these will be very costly and probably not worth that much as an option because gpu form factors change often so you're stuck with whatever you choose when you build it.


Check out this top ten list for high end laptops: toptenreviews

Although alienware is on it, and gets bashed often, they do build some quality hardware from time to time.

Same goes with Falcon NW if you want to throw money at a company.

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