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Windows 7 Oem Help

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About time to switch over computers again in preparation for the fall/winter season, and I had a question for you guys.


I think it was Jihad that said it awhile back, but I need to confirm: Is it possible to call in a ask(wink) for a new Windows 7 Key if I have an OEM copy? That way I can cheat the system and have 2 systems running off of 1 Windows 7 OEM disk.


I really don't want to buy another Windows 7 disk....

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It's possible. My dad used the same 7 disc for three computers. It just depends if you're convincing enough

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There used to be a way to transfer the activation data with XP, but I haven't tried it with 7. You can always use the tried and true method of deleting the WAT tools using a wat remover. If you're unsure about doing this, I wouldn't recommend trying.

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