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It's about time to implement a new set of kill sounds, as many of them are getting a little old. Rather than rely on just a few people to bring ideas to the table, I thought the whole community would be the best way to come up with some awesome and funny new sound clips for us to use.


A little foreword about this though, we don't plan on assigning each weapon a unique death sound. There will be one sound for the vast majority of kills. We only want a short list of specific weapons that will provide the best impact. We also don't want just some random little sound effect. It needs to have some sort of widespread status among enough people to make it fun and noticeable, while still being fun for people who don't get it. Like our original sound clip that started the whole mess, Strong Bad's "ARROWED!" clip from the TGS comics. Here is a small example of a submission.


for tf_projectile_arrow and variants:

Its a running gag in TeenGirlSquad to have the girls get killed off randomly. If there is nothing around to kill them, whatever pops into SB's head will come out and kill them off, like a man spitting a barrage of arrows from his mouth. ARROWED! Here's a

to the best clip I could find of it.

A raw sound clip is far better than a youtube video, should one be available.


Here's a list of all of the weapons and other death events we can assign a sound clip to, for reference, plus the 100% skilled airshot plugin written by Hurricaaane.



tf_projectile_rocket', 'Rocket Launcher', 1.00),

sniperrifle', 'Sniper Rifle', 1.00),

minigun', 'Minigun (Sasha)', 1.00),

obj_sentrygun', 'Sentry Gun (Level 1)', 1),

knife', 'Knife', 2.00),

scattergun', 'Scatter Gun', 1.25),

tf_projectile_pipe', 'Grenade Launcher', 1.00),

flamethrower', 'Flamethrower', 1.00),

tf_projectile_pipe_remote', 'Stickybomb Launcher', 1.00),

shotgun_primary', 'Engy Shotgun', 1.00),

smg', 'Submachine Gun', 1.00),

shotgun_soldier', 'Soldier Shotgun', 1.00),

syringegun_medic', 'Syringe Gun', 1.00),

revolver', 'Revolver', 1.00),

samrevolver', 'Big Kill', 1.00),

shotgun_pyro', 'Pyro Shotgun', 1.00),

world', 'World', 1.00),

bat', 'Bat', 2.00),

wrench', 'Wrench', 2.00),

wrench_golden', 'Golden Wrench', 2.00),

bonesaw', 'Bone Saw', 2.00),

shotgun_hwg', 'Heavy Shotgun', 1.00),

club', 'Kukri', 2.00),

pistol_scout', 'Scout Pistol', 1.50),

maxgun', 'Lugermorph', 1.50),

pistol', 'Engy Pistol', 1.00),

bottle', 'Bottle', 2.00),

shovel', 'Shovel', 2.00),

fireaxe', 'Fire Axe', 2.00),

fists', 'Fists', 2.00),

axtinguisher', 'Axtinguisher', 2.00),

backburner', 'Backburner', 1.00),

blutsauger', 'Blutsauger', 1.50),

deflect_flare', 'Deflected Flare', 20.00),

deflect_promode', 'Deflected Grenade', 2.00),

deflect_rocket', 'Deflected Rocket', 2.00),

deflect_sticky', 'Deflected Sticky', 2.00),

deflect_arrow', 'Deflected Arrow', 2.00),

flaregun', 'Flaregun', 2.00),

natascha', 'Minigun (Natascha)', 1.00),

gloves', 'K.G.B.', 2.00),

taunt_heavy', 'Showdown', 5.00),

taunt_pyro', 'Hadouken', 5.00),

ubersaw', 'Ubersaw', 2.00),

taunt_scout', 'Home Run', 3.00),

sandman', 'The Sandman', 1.75),

obj_sentrygun2', 'Sentry Gun (Level 2)', 1),

obj_sentrygun3', 'Sentry Gun (Level 3)', 1),

taunt_sniper', 'Skewer', 3),

taunt_spy', 'Fencing', 3),

tf_projectile_arrow', 'Huntsman', 1),

ambassador', 'Ambassador', 1),

tf_pumpkin_bomb', 'Pumpkin Bomb', 2),

force_a_nature', 'Force-A-Nature', 1),

tf_projectile_arrow_fire', 'Huntsman (Fire arrow)', 1),

telefrag', 'Telefrag', 2),

rocketlauncher_directhit', 'Direct Hit', 1.0),

unique_pickaxe', 'Equalizer', 2.0),

sword', 'Eyelander', 2.0),

sticky_resistance', 'Scottish Resistance', 1.0),

taunt_demoman', 'Decapitation', 5.0),

taunt_soldier', 'Kamikaze', 5.0),

demoshield', 'Chargin'' Targe', 2.0),

ball', 'Baseball', 2.5),

taunt_medic', 'Spinal Tap', 5.0),

paintrain', 'The Pain Train', 2.00),

sledgehammer', 'The Homewrecker', 2.00),

tribalkukri', 'Tribalman''s Shiv', 2.00),

battleaxe', 'Scotsman''s Skullcutter', 2.00),

frontier_justice', 'Frontier Justice', 1.00),

obj_minisentry', 'Sentry Gun (Mini)', 1.00),

robot_arm', 'Gunslinger', 2.00),

robot_arm_combo_kill', 'Gunslinger Combo', 2.00),

bleed_kill', 'Bleed Kill', 1.80),

robot_arm_blender_kill', 'Organ Grinder', 5.00),

southern_hospitality', 'Southern Hospitality', 2.00),

taunt_guitar_kill', 'Dischord', 2.00),

wrangler_kill', 'Wrangler', 1.00),

battleneedle', 'The Vita-Saw', 2.00),

powerjack', 'The Powerjack', 2.00),

degreaser', 'The Degreaser', 1.00),

short_stop', 'The Shortstop', 1.00),

holy_mackerel', 'The Holy Mackerel', 2.00),

letranger', 'L''Etranger', 1.00),

eternal_reward', 'Your Eternal Reward', 2.00),

fryingpan', 'Frying Pan', 2.00),

bushwacka', 'The Bushwacka', 2.00),

gloves_running_urgently', 'Gloves of Running Urgently', 2.00),

blackbox', 'The Black Box', 1.00),

sydney_sleeper', 'The Sydney Sleeper', 1.00),

headtaker', 'Horseless Headless Horsemann''s Headtaker', 2.0),

claidheamohmor', 'The Claidheamohmor', 2.0),

back_scratcher', 'The Back Scratcher', 2.0),

boston_basher', 'The Boston Basher', 2.0),

steel_fists', 'The Fists of Steel', 2.0),

amputator', 'The Amputator', 1.0),

crusaders_crossbow', 'The Crusader''s Crossbow', 1.0),

ullapool_caber', 'The Ullapool Caber', 2.0),

ullapool_caber_explosion', 'The Ullapool Caber BOOM', 1.2),

loch_n_load', 'The Loch-n-Load', 1.0),

brass_beast', 'The Brass Beast', 1.0),

warrior_spirit', 'The Warrior''s Spirit', 2.0),

candy_cane', 'The Candy Cane', 2.0),

wrench_jag', 'The Jag', 2.0),

iron_curtain', 'The Iron Curtain', 1.0),

atomizer', 'Atomizer', 2.00),

bazaar_bargain', 'Bazaar Bargain', 1.00),

demokatana', 'Half-Zatoichi', 2.00),

detonator', 'Detonator', 2.00),

disciplinary_action', 'Disciplinary Action', 2.00),

enforcer', 'Enforcer', 2.00),

eviction_notice', 'Eviction Notice', 2.00),

family_business', 'Family Business', 1.00),

kunai', 'Conniver''s Kunai', 2.00),

liberty_launcher', 'Liberty Launcher', 1.00),

mantreads', 'Mantreads', 2.00),

market_gardener', 'Market Gardener', 2.00),

persian_persuader', 'Persian Persuader', 2.00),

proto_syringe', 'Overdose', 2.00),

reserve_shooter', 'Reserve Shooter', 2.00),

scout_sword', 'Three-Rune Blade', 2.00),

shahanshah', 'Shahanshah', 2.00),

soda_popper', 'Soda Popper', 1.25),

solemn_vow', 'Solemn Vow', 2.00),

the_maul', 'Maul', 2.00),

the_winger', 'Winger', 1.00),

tomislav', 'Tomislav', 1.00),

warfan', 'Fan O''War', 2.00),

big_earner', 'Big Earner', 2.00),

saxxy', 'Saxxy', 2.00),

splendid_screen', 'Splendid Screen', 2.00),

taunt_soldier_lumbricus', 'Kamikaze (Lumbricus Lid)', 5.00),

nessieclub', 'Nessie\'s Nine Iron', 2.00),

mailbox', 'Postal Pummeler', 2.00),

lava_axe', 'Sharpened Volcano Fragment', 2.00),

lava_bat', 'Sun-on-a-Stick', 2.00),

cow_mangler', 'Cow Mangler 5000', 1.00),

righteous_bison', 'Righteous Bison', 2.00),

tf_projectile_energy_ball', 'Deflected Cow Mangler Shot', 5.00),

machina', 'Machina', 2.00),

diamondback', 'The Diamondback', 2.00),

widowmaker', 'The Widowmaker', 2.00),

short_circuit', 'The Short Circuit', 2.00),

quake_rl', 'Original', 2.00),

scotland_shard', 'Scottish Handshake', 2.00),

nonnonviolent_protest', 'Conscientious Objector', 2.00),

deflect_flare_detonator', 'Deflected Flare (Detonator)', 2.00),

deflect_huntsman_flyingburn', 'Deflect Huntsman Burning Arrow', 2.00),

unarmed_combat', 'Unarmed Combat', 2.00),


External plugins

100% Skilled Airshot plugin by Hurricaaane.




Also for reference, most of our current sounds:


Mailbox: "You've got mail!" from AOL

Nessie's Nine Iron: Golf clap

Pistol-type weapons: Dear sister "mmmm what'cha saaay"

Head slicing weapons: Jack Black screaming "DECAPITATION!" from Brutal Legend

Fire-based weapons: Ganon screaming "IT BURRNS!" from CDI zelda

Heavy's boxing glove weapons: Round bell, same as taunts with them.

Heavy's Showdown taunt and Suicide/World death: Wilhelm Scream

Hadouken taunt: Hadouken

Telefrag: Death sound from Cave Story

Arrows: ARROWED! from TGS

General weaponry: Ganon commanding you to "Die!" from CDI zelda

Edited by Neh

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please no pony sound clips. I'll probably just change my option to not download sounds if it ever happens.


I agree with king on this one


even though I love the show let's stay away from things that may irritate people.

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There is a lot of hate out there, so like Dr. Soul said, let's stay away from things that may irritate people regarding ponies, and other hot topics.


That sound by itself doesn't seem like anything that could set anyone off though. It's basically a squeaky toy sound.

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Maybe the T:A Blue Plate Special sound effect for the airshot kills plugin with any rocket/grenade launcher?


Also, I'd go with the squeaky toy sound for Holiday Punch kills. Or some high-pitched giggling.

Edited by nosoop

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Maybe the T:A Blue Plate Special sound effect for the airshot kills plugin with any rocket/grenade launcher?


I plan to add that plugin actually, but forgot to mention it in the topic. I'm not using the included sound clip of that song when I do add it, though. going to edit OP to include a request for this one.

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There is a lot of hate out there, so like Dr. Soul said, let's stay away from things that may irritate people regarding ponies, and other hot topics.


That sound by itself doesn't seem like anything that could set anyone off though. It's basically a squeaky toy sound.



I tried my best to pick one that wasn't too "OMG THAT'S A PONY SOUND!" lol. It's a squeaky toy sound they use throughout the series, so it's a very general background sound, and unless it's pointed out, I don't think it'd be too bad into the pony thing. <_<;


I agree on the whole lot of hate out there on ponies, I'll refrain from any OMGPONY sounds. Though it is hard to find soundclips of something relevant to TF2 yet from something else lol.

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unless it's pointed out,


This would be the problem. I'd rather not get into a serious discussion about why certain communities are frowned upon on the internet, so I won't go into it, but more likely than not having a clip that is used as a running gag of sorts is all it takes, and it can snowball from there.


I think this is enough pony talk in our killsounds thread though, so unless we want to split this off and make a debate thread out of it, let's drop the subject.


List in OP seems unfinished/outdated?


You have no idea how hard it seems to be for me to find a recent list of game weapons. This is why I've been dreading this project. If anyone can point me to a place that I can pull a list from with the full list of game weapon event triggers shortly after updates, I'd be ecstatic. I think HLstats has something like this but its buried in so much code, it's really hard to strip the list down to just the weapon names without wearing out the backspace button.

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The OP list contains only death events; deflected Jarate doesn't kill by itself. The missing weapons do make it seem outdated, though.


After a quick Google query, I think (don't quote me as fact; I don't know much about SourceMod) one can utilize a fired "object_deflected" event to determine whenever there is a Jarate deflect.


You have no idea how hard it seems to be for me to find a recent list of game weapons.


Your best bet would be to obtain a copy of items_game.txt (most recent update copy viewable on the Wiki schema tracker - click "plain" next to the Client Schema to view) and run through it, taking down the value of every "item_logname" key.

Calling GetSchema over the Steam Developers' API may work to retrieve the schema in a more friendly format.


Looks like Tomato has a currently up to date one with projectiles~ so that should do as long as it continues to be maintained.

Edited by nosoop

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Client Schema [...] "item_logname" key.


While that is awesome, it's missing some key things like projectile kills, taunts, and other events that the game logs as the cause of death. Our plugin works by hooking that death weapon event and that's how it triggers what sound to play. It can fill in some gaps, but not all of 'em. If I can't find anything else I'll certainly be using it, though.

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Captain Spark from SMNC saying "shocking, isn't it" (2:01-2:03), "Zapped!" (2:03-2:04), or "consider yourself, discharged" (2:19-2:22) for short circuit / Laser weapon kills?


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