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I have finally beaten the game and honestly I have to say, it's my game of the year and I love this more than the original XC.  Mostly because I prefer the gameplay style of this game, I like the avatar system and the sidequests have a lot of nice little character developments for the NPCs unlike the original where most of it was just help me kill this many dudes and random rewards but very little interactions.

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Long time no see, thread.


Bayonetta and Corrin are going to be released this next week. 


Bayonetta, Corrin and the sixth wave of Mii Fighter costumes arrive in the afternoon on Wednesday (PT), that's during Thursday morning in the UK. Take the rest of the week off.

[uK: PEGI 12. USA: ESRB E10+]







Sakurai was at the tournament where this last footage came from, and he said that the next balance patch will be the very last as well.

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- More Star Fox Zero footages with a side-game coming seperatly

- Weapon balance, and other adjustements for Splatoon

- Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games now coming on WiiU

- New costumes, thwomp alternatives, and keys for Super Mario Maker. BUT STILL NO SLOPES GODDAMNIT!!!!

- Tokyo Mirage Session #FE

- Paper Mario : Sticker Star 2 Color Splash...

- Twilight Princess HD

- My Nintendo (New reward system to replace Club Nintendo)

- Mario vs DK Amiibo Challenge ( Free-to-play)

- SNES VC games New nintendo 3DS exclusives

- Fire Emblem Fate DLCs

- New season Pass for the 3DS version of Hyrule warrior. And Medli free for both versions



- Rythm Heaven Remix coming to the West

- And a new 3DS Kirby game with Mecha power-ups + Kirby Amiibos.

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Paper Mario was the most absolutely disappointing thing I have ever seen in this direct.  They learned literally nothing.

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So I finally got Tokyo Mirage Session #FE.


Overall I like the game.  It's been a while since I played a turn based RPG on an actual console but I liked what I played.

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Splatoon is going to have one final Splatfest :(




We’ve had 15 inkredible Splatfests so far! While the good times in Inkopolis will continue to roll on, the next Splatfest will be… drumroll, please… the final Splatfest.

Time and time again, we’ve heard you pledge allegiance not to your favorite team choice, but to your favorite Squid Sister. Now, it’s time to show your support in the Squid Sisters Showdown! The theme is: Are you Team Callie or Team Marie?

The showdown begins at 2 AM PT on Friday, July 22, until 2 AM PT on Sunday, July 24. This will be the last Splatfest extravaganza, and we’d like everyone to have a blast!

The last Splatfest will be taking place (almost) at the same time in all regions. However the matchups will be different – the players in Japan will be matched up with those in Japan, and the players in North America and Europe will be matched up with each other. The Top 100 Players will also be tallied and announced separately for Japan region and for North America and Europe regions. Though the results will be collected from all regions, they will be combined together and announced at  the same time. 

In-game announcement and voting will start at 7 PM PT on Monday, July 4. Until then, please prepare yourself for the hardest decision you’ll make in your lifetime by doing some soul searching, going on a walkabout, meditating or just reading Squid Sisters fan fiction.

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The new Zelda made me want a Wii U. But since it's gonna be on the NX, I'll just get that instead.


But I'll have to buy a TV too. Like a "normal" person.

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My first impression of 2 hrs into Paper Mario Color Splash.  Keep in mind I LOATHED sticker stars and thought it was the worse game in the series.


The writing is great and reminds of me of the good ol TTYD writing.  Despite there still being the same toads, they all have a lot more unique dialogues that it creates a much more liveable breathing world integrated into the settings.  Your paint bucket partner is just as humorous throughout the adventure.  I'm glad this was completely fixed in this game.  It definitely does not have that generic new super mario bros feeling anymore and I am grateful for that.  Even the enemies talk to you and make fun of you during your turn of picking cards.


The world itself is beautiful and levels are designed similar to how you would usually navigate in the original Paper Mario.  Some neat little puzzles for you to solve but now they have proper hints so you are no longer stuck in random limbo unless you look at a guide or some dumb ambiguous solution.  It doesn't feel samey and each level is a lot more unique in its own right.  Yes it has the usual level selector but it feels like a progression unlike the previous game.


The battle system is now finally decent to good now.  I actually feel rewarded for battling enemies instead of constantly running away.  I actually liked the battle system to the point where I actually ran out of basic attacks and I had to actually spend my money to get them back.  So the management system is now much better as you're not severely limited but at the same time, you aren't wasting time battling now as you are rewarded for doing so by getting paint and hammer paint exp back.  So I can actually effectively make proper decision making during my battles instead of constantly run away to save my cards and items. Despite that there are still a few things I wished they kept like the ability to pick which enemy you want to kill first instead of always picking the front enemy and a proper partner system.  But I'll see how it goes as I'm only about 2 hours or so into this game.


Overall, it's no TTYD or Paper Mario 1 but it's much more playable and well designed game over the crap that is sticker stars. I have had way more fun in the 2 hours into the game then I have had the crap of the 10 mins of Sticker Stars and I like it better than Super Paper Mario.

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I might actually buy Color Splash. I keep seeing lots of positive feedback about the game.


It's nice to see they've actually learned from their mistakes instead of giving away another tasteless Sticker Star game.

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