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Nom Nintendo Network Ids

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Since the WiiU is now out we should have a thread for Nintendo Network IDs so we can add each other. Let's use this format for the list:

Nom User Name: Nintendo Network ID

ID List
Fat Cat: ObeseFeline
Duke ? Block: DukeBlock
PattyCakeChamp: PattyCakeChamp
Thaurian: Thaurian
kingddd: kingddd17
William Dogood: WilliamDogood
Pixel: MrPixel
ChibiFlakes25: ChibiFlakes25
Mahbonk : Mahbonk
FlamingDonut141: FlamingDonut
Jewfro: Jewfro193

Fran: Dr.Fran

Ducky: anschluss
woppels: woppels

Suwa: Saigyouji-sama

Tomato: TomatoFlakes

RabidServbot: RabidServbot

Robomoto: Robo026

Zap the Ace: ZapTheAce

Paru: GiygasNightmare

Mr. Tinder: MisterTinder

Meep XD: MeepXD

Mugi Donut: Mugi_Donut

Dr. Soul: DocSoul

Isotoxin: Visiotoxin

Fox McCrits: FoxMcCrits

K2: clunko

QuaintHazard: QuaintHazard


There are two ways to add friends on WiiU
Before adding friends you have to go the the Friends List accessed via the Home Button menu at least once.

Method 1:

  • 1. Go to the Friend List.
  • 2. Add your friend's Nintendo Network ID. (They must add yours to their Friend List as well, but will not be notified that you added them).

Method 2:

  • 1. Go to Miiverse
  • 2. Go to your User Profile
  • 3. Select the Search Users option
  • 4. Search for your friend's Nintendo Network ID
  • 5. Go to their profile
  • 6. Hit the Friend Request button and send a request (They will be told that you have sent a request in their notifications the next time they open Miiverse. All they have to do now is accept it.)

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Ducky: anschluss


Now I feel stupid that I didn`t pick a username that matches my other usernames, but I had a History test at the time.

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