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this spy is an artist!

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Posted January 20 2016 - 11:30 PM

Necrobumping this, I'm trying to find that rat medic picture that Javan made at the top of this thread. I don't have a copy! It was a anthro rat as a medic, holding an ubersaw.

Can anyone find it?


Gave it a shot.  What didn't work:

  • Wayback Machine doesn't have that forum thread available at all
  • Google's cache view is from a few weeks ago
  • deviantArt page has been flagged as inactive.  Wayback apparently didn't play nicely with dA, so while their gallery page loaded, none of the images did.
  • Also checked some other previously popular sites with no luck.  However, checking tf2chan and e621 leaves one slightly mentally scarred.  I did find it hilarious that most instances of the word "ratty" was under adult fanfiction on the former.
  • Of course, had to double-check that the file doesn't exist in the forum's uploads.  It looks like it may have been lost around 24 Dec 2009, which was the last change time for similar files in that directory.

I don't think they browse the forums anymore; you may want to hit them up on Steam (last online 15 days) and see if they exist.

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Posted January 21 2016 - 05:46 PM

Thanks for trying. I guess the internet can forget!

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