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Monster Hunter 4

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Codes are getting posted on Gamefaqs. Reddit too.


The demo has you select a difficulty. Beginner or Experienced. Beginner says stronger hunter and markers to targets, while Experienced is the typical game. No cross difficulty multiplayer.


Is this an actual thing in the full game? I went with Beginner out of curiosity.


The text isn't fucked up in 3D and each weapon has an optional tutorial.



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Damn Soul, I'm putting that as my sig on Gamefaqs.


Radalos is now a thing.


I did Tetsucabra online with a random guy. Started with three people, but one failed to join. Doing synchronized jump attacks was fun. SnS can no longer jump attack though without a ledge.

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Didn't want to make a topic for this. Monster Hunter Online (the chinese game developed by Tencent) has an English benchmark now.




Very interesting.


Hope it runs okay on my computer seeing as it'll take 5 hours 11 hours to download this 1GB file.

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Monster Hunter 3DS bundle is now sold out.




Hmm, well It seems I will have to buy the game separately. Oh well it is for the best, I never liked pre-loaded games anyway, I like to have the physical copy.

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I managed to get a demo last night. If anyone wants to dick around with jaggis or whatever let me know.

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