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I can't remember where I downloaded this map.

A slightly flooded version of Hoodoo. Not with water, though...


Edit: Also, this looks to be based off of the Valve version, with the upper area at first cap on second stage visible from BLU side.



Download link.


Download link for v3 of the map. Thanks Gabe. :v

In case someone decides to search for this thread, here's some other names for the map so it shows up in search: poodoo pl_poodoo pl_hoodoo_lemonrain pl_hoodoo

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Also, I checked out the map, just to marvel at the amazing texture quality and I did find some differences compared to regular Hoodoo.


Second stage, no more stairs to get to the upper level for red.


Posted Image


Third stage, again, no more stairs for red.


Posted Image


Third stage, gate added on the upper level that only opens when the first point is capped.

Building an engie nest up here will be pretty hard for red now.


Posted Image


So yeah, not only are we able to enjoy a different shade throughout the map, it also has some changes that should make it easier for Blu to push.

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