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This post will go over how to use the features of the server, as well as anything that needs explaining. This would be perfect as a wiki page, but I'm not gonna make a nom wiki just for 1 document. :)


***Reserved slots***

How to get a slot

To get a slot, you have to play here regularly, be respectful, mature, and be liked by the admins. The process works by an admin nominates you to the rest of us, and if approved, they get a slot. If you know any admins, you can ask them nicely ONE TIME to recommend you, and if they don't, just shut up about it. If an admin nomiates you, and you end up being a jerk, they are on the hook, so you're basically asking them to risk their own reputation by recommending you, and you shouldn't think these are given out lightly.

Ok, I need to stop here and point something out to the kids that read this and think that means to join the server and ask "are there any admins here?". No, surprisingly we don't just give reserved slots to people that shout "someone give me a slot!". If you pester us, that only makes a case for not adding you. We actively look for new people that we like to add, so if you're annoying, talk way too much on the mic, or are otherwise detract from the experience when you're on the server, don't expect a slot.

Do not make any posts here asking for a slot.


***Competitive play signups***

If you're interested, click here then click the radio button checkbox next to the "scrimmer" group, then click submit (it is set to join selected by default).

Use this other thread to post any discussion stuff if you're not joining us.


This isn't for the league play against other teams, this is just for organized matches between each other. We play around 8PM Pacific time on different nights, for 1 hour. If you can't make it to anywhere near that time, then don't bother.


***Web resources***

Not necessarily important enough for the front page, but I want them all listed.


Admin list

Reserved slot holders

List of all the maps on the server

List of the maps in the mapcycle


Map ratings

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Copied the contents of this to the "what this is about" post, I hate having too many pinned/sticky topics, so this is to reduce that by 1.

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