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Did anyone want more crazy maps? I didn't think so either! Make it stop!


Though it's from the creator of cp_stoneyridge, so it can't be all that bad.


Posted Image

No gameplay video[1], unfortunately for those that want delicious spoilers, but it has

. Choo choo, motherfucker.


TF2Maps.net forum post (with more screenshots). / Download (right-click, save as, 40MB not-compressed-in-BZ2 form).




[1] At the time this thread was made;

for all you Spoily McSpoilertons out there.


I should start suggesting actual maps sometime.

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Oh what fresh hell is this. :blink:


(someone message me when this is being played on the server)

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(someone message me when this is being played on the server)




I would like to start a vote that we turn Nom into 24/7 windmilltrainsaw, traingrid and trainsawlaser.

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Map has been updated to B3 a few days ago. Download Link

Beta 3

-Fixed out-of-map exploits. If you DO manage to get out of the map, it will now kill you. Balance has been restored.

-Fixed a bug where you could block the spawn courtyard train's gates. This also kills you.

-Raised the center point kill counter up higher to fix a few small issues.

-Slightly reduced spawn times after capture.

-Train Rain now happens on it's own after a set amount of time with no control point captures.

-Fixed the missing Train Hit audio line ("Say goodbye to your train, wanker")

-Added in two new Train Hit lines provided by Youtube commentator Sal! (youtube.com/user/Fatmop)


The train god himself creator also uploaded this video showing the various iterations of trainsawlaser.

Pretty interesting from a mapping point of view.



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Map has been updated to B3 a few days ago.


I spent a good 10 or so minutes killing myself on a train the other day, trying to using one of the out of map exploits.


Rather unfortunate that they removed those. I guess from a design point it would be an issue to have those in, but I still enjoy walking around outside of the map.

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