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A long time ago this map has been created by Psy (mapper of plr_nightfall).

In the January of this year I picked the map up, to finish it. (With Psys permission of course).


Images [click for full resolution]


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


The current version is b2.





05-05-2013 - B2
- minor clip fixes
- fixed the rock in the yard was badly climbable
- removed the drum+pallet shortcut from the bridge
- replaced small medkit under the bridge to a medium one
- replaced full ammo in the yard house with a small one
- replaced clip texture on stairs with blockbullets (to fix splash damage)
- replaced the drum from the yard wood platform with 2 crates

Since the map is really new, I would like to see it tested.


More images









TF2Maps.net thread

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That looks interesting. I'd be happy to join in on a test of it, if the admins decide that it looks good enough to test. For the record, would you be joining us in the test?

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For the record, would you be joining us in the test?


Depends on the test time, I would definitely like to join.


I live in Europe (UTC+1) so it could be a bit hard though.

I'm free to test from 8:30pm to 1am almost every day (times in UTC+1), no idea if that as good time for you guys.

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