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Tf2 Update - July 11Th And 12Th, 2013

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#1 Toamto



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Posted July 11 2013 - 03:22 PM


  • Fixed Quick-Fix infinite heal exploit
  • Fixed missing Cow Mangler 5000 particles when running in DirectX8
  • Fixed Disco Beat Down unusual effect showing through walls
  • Fixed incorrect projectile speed attributes being applied to giants in Mann vs. Machine
  • When disguised as a teammate, the Dead Ringer will drop the body of the player the Spy is disguised as
  • Fixed a bug where arrows and bolts would hit friendly players
  • Fixed a bug where Strange parts and filters could not be removed from Strange weapons
  • Fixed the "Show Entire Backpack" option in the crafting panel not preserving empty backpack slots and forcing items to stack
  • Fixed an areaportal improperly rendering in pl_goldrush
  • Fixed players getting out of map in cp_standin
  • Fixed players hiding in vents in cp_standin
  • Adjusted HDR lighting in cp_process

#2 Cedarbox


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Posted July 11 2013 - 03:26 PM

I encountered that heal exploit and that was annoying as shit. Glad they patched that one fast.

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#3 repus


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Posted July 11 2013 - 09:07 PM

Finally the dead ringer functions as it was supposed to be. Maybe now I will see dead ringer spys using friendly disguises.

Or maybe I will see less dead ringer spies, seeing as how it got nerfed...HUEHUEHUE

#4 nosoop


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Posted July 12 2013 - 03:16 PM

More bugfixes today. Main's been updated, though adminstuffs are still iffy.


  • Fixed a server crash caused by running out of free edicts
  • Fixed a problem that was preventing some older demos from being played
  • Fixed the Spy getting the afterburn immunity while disguised as Demoman wielding the Chargin' Targe
  • Fixed the Process and Standin map stamp donations displaying incorrect map names on the World Traveler
  • Fixed the Pyro not using the correct model for the Reserve Shooter
  • Fixed a bug that would cause certain attributes (kill counts, trade time) to appear incorrectly on items viewed through Steam Community and the trade UI
  • Removed promotion restrictions from the Crosslinker's Coil
  • Updated the Loose Cannon description to match the updated gameplay (1 second fuse)
  • Updated the Short Circuit description to match the updated gameplay (returns half of the metal used when a projectile is successfully destroyed)

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