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Tf2 Update - October 10, 2013

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- Added the Fall 2013 Acorns Crate Key

- Added the Fall 2013 Gourd Crate Key

- Automated craft bots can no longer craft high-value items (i.e., hats)

- Fixed Nessie's Nine Iron missing gameplay description

- Fixed exploit that allowed dead players to attack living players

- Fixed disguised Blue team Spies showing blue health particles over their heads when disguised as the Red team

- Fixed the Sandvich meter being drawn in the HUD when the Sandvich is not equipped

- Fixed a bug that would cause some players to be unable to change their active item preset

- Strange Part: Kills with a Taunt Attack can now be applied to Strange Knives and Fists

- Strange Part: Kills While Explosive-Jumping and Strange Part: Posthumous Kills can now be applied to The Loose Cannon

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Looks like I'm opening some crates.


Also, from /u/TheAnthal:


The Workshop items added during the Summer patch appear to be craftable.


The Fall crates are unlockable.


The Bone Dome - Pyro "Fire Bird" Misc

The Air Raider - Pyro "Air Raider" Hat

The Viking Braider - Soldier/Heavy/Engineer "Beard" Misc

The Cuban Bristle Crisis - Heavy "Beard" Misc

The Beep Boy - Engineer "Belt" Misc

The Special Eyes - Engineer "Glasses" Misc

Trickster's Turnout Gear - Pyro "Coat" Misc

The Chronomancer - Sniper "Shirt" Misc

The Medical Mystery - Medic "Shirt" Misc

The Gold Digger - Engineer "Beard" MIsc

Brim-Full Of Bullets - Sniper Hat

The Cotton Head - Pyro Hat

Pop-eyes - Pyro "Lenses" Misc

Hong Kong Cone - All Class Hat

Weight Room Warmer - Heavy "Shirt" Misc

The Hurt Locher - Demo "Shirt" Misc

Pirate Bandana - Demo Hat

Li'l Snaggletooth - Sniper "Pocket/Pet" Misc

L'homme Burglerre - Spy Hat

Escapist - Spy "Shirt" Misc

The Flapjack - Scout "Shirt/Doftags" Misc

A Brush with Death - Medic "Beard" Misc

The Slick Cut - Medic Hat

The Frenchman's Formals - Spy "Shirt" Misc

The Ward - Medic "Shirt" Misc

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Looks like I'm opening some crates.


Also, from /u/TheAnthal:


When I saw 'Pyro "Fire Bird" Misc' I got really excited it was this. Bah.


Neat collection of items, nothing I particularly want but still a pretty nice collection of stuff.

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