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Snowplow (CP, EotL Beta)

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Snowplow is an A/D Control Point map with a small twist. By capturing points, BLU allows a train to steamroll forward and prevents it from taking damage by the defending RED team.


This is the map that has been hinted at to be part of the End of the Line community update -- an update featuring a 15+ minute SFM short with that name.


[pictures someday]


I'll be updating this thread with the latest in map changes instead of spamming the changelog thread with them.



Beta 2 has been released. The changes are as follows:

  • Ammo/HP condensed or moved around.
  • Simplified layout in a building by Stage 1, point 2.
  • Moved Red resupply locker back in Stage 1, point 3 spawn.
  • Removed secondary Red spawn room from Stage 2, point 3.
  • Adjusted stage 2, point 3 respawn times for both teams.
  • Fixed clipping exploit stage 1, point 1.
  • Added A/B/C signs for points in both stages.
  • Increased light level stage 1, point 2.
  • Opened skybridge over stage 1, point 3, into a balcony.
  • Adjusted spawn times for stage 2, point 3.
  • Increased setup time for both stages.
  • Replace Glass with temporary easier-to-see textures.
  • Moved stage 2, point 1 onto the bridge.
  • Increased height of several capture point areas.

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I'd say it's slightly more than a hint. I was afraid to look at the video at first because... y'know, story spoilers. But it's not quite as bad as I thought.


Also, I'd had an idea for a map stuck in my head for a long time. It was a CP map that moved a cart forward for each cap. It was kind of freaky to see this come out.

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Beta 3 is now available, with the following changes:

  • Revised stage 2 point 1.
  • Adjusted stage 2, Primary BLU Spawn exit to be wider. It is know that the doors clip through walls. This will be revised in later versions.
  • Reverted stage 2 point 2 to a pre-beta version.
  • Minor adjustments to spawn times.
  • [Hopefully] fixed some blu players spawning inside each other.
  • Pointed players in the right direction when spawning in blu forward, stage 2.
  • Added some cover before point 2 in stage 1.
  • Adjusted door overlooking point 3 in stage 1.
  • Increased quantity of arrows.
  • Tracks.
  • Log clipping and crush trigger.
  • ???
  • Added gates to warn those of an incoming runaway train

Source:  http://www.reddit.com/r/tf2/comments/2dxz7w/snowplow_b3_update_is_now_live_and_ready_to_play/


Up on Oatmeal now, so feel free to nominate.

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Beta 4. Overtime!


Here is the changelog:

  • Added Overtime.
  • Removed train slowing with damage.
  • Train now 'stuns' the traps on initial impact with barricade.
  • New upper path on point 2 in stage 2, giving access to the roof.
  • Train warning gates now animate properly.
  • Hopefully fixed some bells playing when they shouldn't.
  • Lengthened Red respawn time on stage 2, point 2.
  • Various poles have been clipped.
  • Updated Localization Files.
  • Added one or two health kits and ammo packs.

Not on the server yet; stay tuned.  Up now!  Go /nominate it.



And since they missed some stuff in the release, here's a quick patch.

Here is the changelog for b4b:

  • Removed standard overtime and made it so that the device will not fire while blu is onpoint, regardless of reds contention. This is only in affect during the final 10% of the trains health.
  • Train warning gates by 1-1 won't stay down as long
  • Slowed the train down so that it doesn't break the sound barrier everytime it moves (speed reduced by 40%, but still an increase of 50% from b3)


As your local maintainer, I think I'll just wait for b5; a few of us already grabbed b4.

Edited by nosoop

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Beta 5.  Source.
Here is the changelog:

  • Added exterior route to upper left level of Stage 2, Point 2.
  • The building between Stage 1, Point 2 and 3 has been made to look not weird.
  • Added extra doorway through buildings separating points 2 and 3 in stage 1.
  • Minor detailing added.
  • Removed a boulder between Stage 1 Point 1 and 2. Replaced it with something else. Spoiler: It's crates.
  • Increased the distance between Stage 1, Point 1 and 2.
  • Increased the distance between Stage 2, Point 1 and 2.
  • Widened the area infront of Stage 1, point 3.
  • Removed a bug where the trigger_hurt on the train would still be active during the time the trap was stunned.
  • Added a nice awning by Stage 2, point 3. It's actually quite nice. Can keep the porch cool during the day, but catch the nice evening breeze. Barring the toxic sludge barrels, it'd be a nice place to have supper, or a read a newspaper.


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