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TF2 Update - August 21, 2014

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- Fixed rockets colliding with other projectiles and getting stuck in the world

- Fixed a bug with the Soldier's Fresh Brewed Victory taunt and the Power Up Canteen

- Fixed the Demoman not being able to equip The Grandmaster

- Fixed a bug where Professional Killstreak items were being displayed as Specialized

- Market Listings for Specialized Killstreak kits for the following items have been removed and will need to be relisted

        - Stickybomb Launcher, Minigun, Direct Hit, Huntsman, Backburner, Back Scatter, Kritzkrieg, Ambassador, Frontier Justice

- Fixed character audio being cut short when characters clap during the Conga taunt

- Unusual taunts that are tradable can now be listed on the Steam Community Market

- The Classic can now accept Enemies Gibbed strange parts

- The Manmelter can now accept Allies Extinguished strange parts

- Added mp_spectators_restricted server convar

                - Prevents players on Red/Blue from joining team Spectator if it would exceed mp_teams_unbalance_limit

- Updated the HTML display in the MOTD to use shared Steam browser control

- Updated the materials for The Dalokohs Bar

- Updated the equip_region for the Soldier's Stash, Exquisite Rack, The Pencil Pusher, and Antlers

- Updated the localization files

- Updated pl_cactuscanyon

                -Stage 1

                                - Reworked the geometry of the back stairwell route leading to the final cap

                -Stage 3

                                - New design of back yard underpass area

                                - Added new building and route near the underpass

                                - New geometry for Red battlements and spawn exit by the first cap

                                - Added new exit from Red spawn leading to the raised middle rock outcrop by the barn

                                - Reworked Red spawn exit by capture point 2

                                - Removed rocks and added a new structure by the final cart push

                                - Cart now takes longer to pass through the building at the end of

                                - Adjusted spawn times

                                - Adjusted Health and ammo packs

That mp_spectators_restricted sounds like a great way to prevent teamstacking.

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Updated the HTML display in the MOTD to use shared Steam browser control


So that means it uses Chromium 33-ish or so?  'spretty neat.


Also for the record, Cactus Canyon is now on revision 7, while Asteroid is still on revision 6.

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