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William Dogood

Nintendo forum replacing Blizzard

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Let's give something a try to keep this a little more organized.


Please tag any new topic for relevant games where applicable. Example, you're making a Pokemon thread, begin the topic with [Poke], or [smash] for Smash Bros.


All Nintendo related content is welcome here.


Also, if you find a thread elsewhere on Nom that you feel belongs here, send me a PM with a link to the thread.



Nintendo forum. AKA, I change the forum when I can't sleep.



A few threads from Blizzard have been moved to Other Games, the rest have been put in storage.

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I was thinking we might have a little more activity here once Smash and Pokemon came out, which was why I wanted to tag shit, but I don't think that's going to happen, so I won't worry about that anymore.


As well, I was undecided whether only Nintendo games should go here, or if games on Nintendo systems should as well. Any game that's exclusive to a Nintendo system will be welcome here, and I'm going to move the few topics that aren't already here.

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how about if we want to discuss Nintendo news? Iwata just came out of surgery, can I make a new thread here or should I just mention it in the shenanigans sub forum?

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