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TF2 Update - Oct 15th, 2014

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Update is ~50MB


- Fixed an exploit related to clients uploading files to servers
- Fixed a problem that allowed clients to have an out-of-date, corrupt, or modified version of items_game.txt
        - TF2 will not run if a bad items_game.txt file is found
        - If your items_game.txt file is reported as being corrupt, delete any items_game.txt files you have added and verify your TF2 installation
- Fixed a timing problem with the Rancho Relaxo taunt animation
- Removed the Limited Late Summer Crate from the crate drop list
- Limited Late Summer Crates can no longer be opened
- Removed the Limited Late Summer Crate Key from the Mann Co. Store
- Limited Late Summer Crate Keys have been converted to Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys
- Fixed Linux dedicated servers not showing up in the LAN serverbrowser tab when using sv_lan 1
- Fixed the Duels leaderboard not displaying current counts
- Added the explosion particles to the list of files that we always enforce consistency on
- Added ConVar tf_classlimit
        - When set, limit each class to the specified value
        - Works in any game mode, but overridden in Tournament mode and Highlander mode
- Updated the model/materials for the Runner's Warm-Up to fix a lighting issue
- Updated the equip_regions for the Couvre Corner and the Pocket Heavy
- Updated rd_asteroid
        - Continued art-pass process
- Updated the vote system
        - Fixed team-specific vote sounds/notifications playing/showing for the ineligible team
        - sv_vote_issue_restart_game_allowed default changed to off
        - Added sv_vote_issue_restart_game_allowed_mvm (on by default)
        - Added "Enable/Disable Class Limits" vote
                - Controlled by sv_vote_issue_classlimits_allowed (off by default)
                        - Limit controlled by sv_vote_issue_classlimits_max (default 4)
                - Controlled by sv_vote_issue_classlimits_allowed_mvm in Mann vs. Machine (off by default)
                        - Limit controlled by sv_vote_issue_classlimits_max_mvm in Mann vs. Machine (default 2)

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