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I whack you with the Crowbar of Justice!

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Hi Ratty, Lemming with a Hat and other former colleagues from a bygone era!


So...what's going on in here?   :huh: 

Anyone wanna see Ragman dressed as a Cheerleader? Hey...where you all running off to?!

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Haha! How is it going, brother? Anyone else around these here parts? I'm heading into work for a couple of hours but I'll check back when I return.


I hope you've been doing well these last...holy shi...TEN(!!!) or so years.

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Man, it has been that long, hasn't it.  Ratty is still around.  He stepped down as head of the community and we're trying to fill his very large shoes.  Scare left a couple years back.  Trajan is around occasionally.  Don't remember more off the top of my head, but there's probably a couple more still around from the old days.

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A server w/o Ratty in charge must make for a less entertaining server! Oo A shame my old ass is so slow because I have missed out on what could likely have been comedy gold for so very long. I was just thinking about checking the old COJ forums but realized...I couldn't even recall the URL anymore, heh. When it finally came to me it was 7 hours later, around 49 open tabs all to wikipedia (...uh idk why) and they no longer existed.


Things to take away from all of this:

  • Lord I'm old now.
  • I don't marry strippers anymore.
  • I could really do with a healthy dose of csay.
  • I still can't quite forget the glory that is Murderball.
  • I miss all you rat-bastards...occasionally.
  • Ragman as a cheerleader is still the greatest thing ever; next to my picture of a one-eyebrowed w0zz.
  • And finally Must...run into...layzers.

I can't even imagine where the rest of us have run off to. I can find no traces of WPCL or TOCie and I'm fairly certain you probably have more hats than my brother's wife has shoes!


Also, hi there Nosoop, nice ta meet ya! But I'm not from here...I am from a far older and more disturbing place in space and time. :)

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