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TF2 Blog - Merry Smissmas, Everyone!

TF2 Valve Update Patch Blog

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Posted December 22 2014 - 05:09 PM





Smissmas is almost upon us, and everybody here on the TF2 team's been busy getting gifts ready and standing as a group under the Valve mistletoe. The smooch count's currently at zero, but we're in this for the long haul. That's right, we'll stand here all damn week if there's some make-outs in it for us. Just try and get past us, DOTA2 team. You too, CS:GO.
While we're all standing around waiting for the smooch maelstrom, dear reader, why not take a look under the Smissmas tree?
Let's see, this year we've we've got:
A New Beta Game Mode!
Stocking Stuffers!
New Festive Weapons!
29 New Cosmetic Items!
We've also made a change to MvM loot drops. Specifically, in addition to the usual Botkiller drops, there's now a chance to get Australium weapons (including the incredibly rare Golden Frying Pan) to all advanced and expert MvM tours. The tours affected by this loot drop change are Steel Trap, Mecha Engine and Gear Grinder.
And that's it! Merry Smissmas, everyone! See you next y—
Wait. there's something else under the tree! Way in the back, by that power outlet overflowing with plugs! Is it...? Sweet Smissmas, it is! By popular demand...
New Weapons!
Update Patch Notes
  • All Players who play TF2 during the event will receive a Gift: a Stuffed Stocking! Stockings contain goodies for good little Mercenaries.
  • Added 29 Limited community-contributed winter items to the Nice crate
  • Added new Limited Festive weapons to the Naughty crate
  • Limited time items can only be found during a limited window of time. The Naughty and Nice crate items will no longer be available after February 16th, 2015
  • Added Naughty and Nice winter keys to the Mann Co. Store.
  • Naughty and Nice winter crates cannot be opened after February 16th, 2015.
  • Premium Players will receive a Secret Saxton to give to another player
  • Item grants from previous events (including the Spirit of Giving and the Winter Holiday noise maker) have been re-enabled for all players, including those who deleted their earlier grants
  • Weapons
    • Added The Iron Bomber
      • Demoman Grenade Launcher
      • Grenades do not bounce or roll
      • Damage radius reduced by 20%
      • Grenades that self-detonate deal 10% less damage
      • Added The Iron Bomber to the Store, Craft list and item drop list
    • Added The Quickiebomb Launcher
      • Demoman Stickybomb Launcher
      • Stickybomb arm time reduced by 0.2 seconds
      • Stickybombs can destroy enemy stickybombs
      • Charge time decreased by 50%
      • Stickybombs fizzle after 2 seconds
      • 15% damage penalty
      • 25% clip size
      • Added The Quickiebomb Launcher to the Store, Craft list and item drop list
    • Added The Panic Attack
      • Multiclass Shotgun
      • 34% Faster reload time
      • Hold fire to load up to 4 shells
      • Fire rate increases as health decreases
      • Weapon spread increases as health decreases
      • Added The Panic Attack to the Store, Craft list and item drop list
    • Demoman Changes
    • Damage variance on grenades and stickybombs reduced from +/-10% damage to +/-2%.
    • Grenades and Stickies now have the same base blast radius as rockets. Changed from 159Hu to 146Hu.
    • Grenade Launcher
      • Direct hit grenades now deal full damage to target regardless of where it struck the enemy. Previously full damage would only occur when grenades exploded closer to the targets feet.
    • Stickybomb Launcher
      • Stickybombs that detonate in the air now have a radius ramp up, starting at 85% at base arm time (0.8s) going back to 100% over 2 seconds. Stickies that touch the world will have full radius.
      • Stickybombs now have a more visible trail while traveling through the air
      • Stickybombs arm particle is slightly more visible
    • Loose Cannon
      • Double donk explosive damage now deal full radius damage to victims. Previously double donk explosive damage was reduced by radius distance from the explosion.
      • Removed a hidden penalty where Cannonballs that touched the world would deal 50% less damage in addition to regular grenade damage reduction on world touch.
    • Loch-n-Load
      • Changes to base grenade damage variance now ensure the Loch-n-load does not exceed 124 damage on a single hit.
      • Removed +25% self-damage penalty
      • Added -25% radius penalty
      • Changed clipsize penality to -25% (3 grenades per clip) from -50% (2 grenades per clip)
      • Loch-n-load grenades no longer visually tumble when fired
    • Bootlegger / Ali Baba's Wee Booties
      • Added +25% Demo Charge meter on charge kill
    • Tide Turner
      • Added Penalty: Taking damage while shield charging reduces remaining charging time
      • Kills while charging now only add 75% meter on charge kills instead of 100%
    • Scottish Resistance
      • It is now slightly easier to do sticky jumps with the Scottish Resistance. Increased range check for stickybomb jumping to sticky damage radius of 146 from 100
    • Scottsman Skullcutter
      • Movement speed penalty now only applies when weapon is active
    • Claidheamh More
      • Added +25% Demo Charge meter on charge kill
  • Game Mode
    • Added New game mode Mannpower! to TF2 Beta Maps
      • The Following is a list of features in the initial launch of Mannpower and is subject to changes in future updates. (Feedback is highly encouraged.)
      • Contains 8 permanent power ups players can find in the map.
      • Players can only hold 1 permanent power up at a time.
      • Killing a player with a permanent power up forces the power up to drop.
      • Contains 1 temporary power that can be found in the map.
      • use the ‘dropitem’ command to drop the currently held permanent power up.
      • Added new Default Stock Action Item Grappling Hook. Grappling hooks are usable in Mannpower mode and servers that enable it. Once equipped, press and hold the action key to use it. Use to move the player toward the hooked object.
      • Mannpower Beta plays a modified version of Capture the Flag that requires your team’s flag to be at base in order to capture the enemy flag.
      • Touching your flag will instantly return it to base.
      • Currently supported on Maps ctf_foundry and a modified ctf_gorge.
      • Instant Respawns enabled
      • Random critical attacks disabled
      • Players spawn with 6 seconds of invulnerability
  • General
    • MvM : Added chance to find Australium Weapon rewards to all Advanced and Expert Mann vs. Machine tours. Previously only available on Two Cities tour
    • MvM : Added Killstreak kits for Quickiebomb Launcher, Iron Bomber and Panic Attack in to Two Cities MannUp loot tables
    • Crafting items that are marked as temporarily untradable will now yield temporarily untradable items instead of permanent
    • Fixed a client crash related to the material system
    • Removed the Giftapult from the store and added a crafting recipe for it
    • Updated the equip_region for The Beastly Bonnet
    • Updated the localization files
    • Removed the map restriction on players in karts respawning ghost teammates when they touch them

Mannpower Mode Beta






As part of this year's Smissmas Update, we'd like to Introduce Mannpower Mode, a new beta game mode for TF2! There's enough to tell you about it that we thought it deserved its own post.
We want to stress a very important word in that last sentence: beta. All of the art is temp and all of the game mechanics are in flux. This is an unpolished beta game mode we're releasing specifically so we can get playtest feedback from everybody and improve it moving forward. So dive right in! Your feedback will be heard and incorporated into the development process.
Mannpower Mode FAQ
What's Mannpower Mode?
It's an in-beta CTF-like game mode with grappling hooks and nine different types of powerups. (A lot of this will change during this mode's development. We'll be tweaking rules and adding/subtracting powerups as we go.) It's currently playable in modified versions of Ctf_foundry and Ctf_gorge.
Mannpower alters a few game rules. For one, random critical hits have been disabled. Additionally, teams won't be able to capture the enemy flag unless your flag is at your base. (When your flag is away from your base, you can touch it to instantly return it to base.)
What was that part about grappling hooks?
Right, that! There's a grappling hook available to all classes in Mannpower Mode. You can equip it in your action slot and use it by switching to slot 6. Press fire to shoot out a hook. As soon as it hits something, it’ll start to reel you in. Release the fire button when you want to detach.
You mentioned powerups?
Yep, there are currently nine with more on the way. Note that these are works-in-progress, so the specifics of these power-up boosts might (and probably will) change as the mode improves:
Strength: Double damage for all weapons. Distance damage fall-off immunity.
Resistance: Reduces incoming damage by 50%. Immune to critical hit damage multiplier.
Vampire: All damage dealt is returned as health. 25% damage resistance. Max health increased by 40%.
Warlock: 50% of damage received is reflected back to the attacker (reflected damage cannot directly cause death). Max health increased by 50%.
Haste: Double weapon firing and reload rate. Double clip size and max ammo count. Movement speed increased by 30%.
Regeneration: Ammo, health and metal regenerate. Rate of health regeneration inversely proportional to max health.
Precision: Greatly reduced bullet spread. Distance damage falloff immunity. Rocket and grenade travel speed increased 250%.
Agility: Movement speed increased by 50%. Grapple speed increase. Jump height increased by 80%. Instant weapon switch.
Critical Hit: temporary full crit power for 30 seconds. Respawns in the same place after 60 seconds.
Mannpowers exist in the world and can be picked up by all classes. When picked up they add abilities and enhancements to the player carrying it. Mannpowers can be dropped at any time by hitting your "dropitem" key, and will drop automatically when the player carrying it is killed. Note that you can only carry one at a time, and that you can't take powerups into respawn rooms.
How do I participate?
Click on Play Multiplayer, enable Play Beta Maps checkbox, and then choose Mannpower Mode.
Why is this in beta?
We would like to include the community early in the development process to gather feedback as we try variations in the map layout and game play mechanics.
How can I help the development process?
Play Mannpower Mode! Playing and providing feedback is the biggest way you can help us develop this game mode. Having servers full of users interacting with each other is the quickest way to isolate and fix gameplay problems.
How do I submit feedback?
Write us directly or post in the TF2 Steam Forum.
Are there Mannpower Beta servers? Can we host our own?
Yes and Yes. We're running a set of official Valve Beta servers using quick play matchmaking. Community server owners are welcome to host too.

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Posted December 22 2014 - 05:16 PM

Mannpower Mode sure sounds like a throwback; with the powerups, CTF, burst movement, and all.

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Posted December 22 2014 - 05:19 PM

Well this definitely made up for the disapointement that was the End of the Line update.

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Posted December 22 2014 - 05:27 PM





Alright this is a good update.

Pyros hate you back.


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Posted December 22 2014 - 05:35 PM

WAIT NO I'M NOT READY YET (again) Also holy balls new DemoMAN items.
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Posted December 22 2014 - 05:40 PM

I'm happy, thank you Valve. 'Bout damn time we got some new weapons.



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Posted December 22 2014 - 05:46 PM

Looks like they're making it so people play the old MvM maps again. Also that shotgun sounds cool!

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Posted December 22 2014 - 07:38 PM


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Posted December 22 2014 - 10:00 PM

Grappling hooks are too much fun, oh and I'm sure the new mode will be good too.

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Posted December 22 2014 - 10:09 PM

'Bout time Demo got some explosives. They look really cool. I'm not a particularly good demo but the new sticky launcher looks like something I might use a bit.


A beggar's bazooka in shotgun form seems awesome but I'm very skeptical because of that spread increase (seriously, Scout's back scatter is impossible to use). I would be a lot less skeptical if the spread increased with each consecutive 'charged' shot, but I guess the name wouldn't make as much sense. Definitely won't replace my current shotguns on Engie but there's room in other class loadouts for something unusual.


Grappling hooks are a ton of fun but I wish they were more like bungees (I have 40+ hours as a bungee spy, so I'm a little biased). I'm not sure how I feel about them being used as anything more than a silliness thing. Being treated as a vital way to get around maps or deal with enemy players feels like the TF2 team suddenly forgot what this game is about (teamwork > spiderman saving the day alone) and how to design maps for the classes. Maybe that'll change when we have some maps specifically designed for them. I won't be surprised if the grappling hooks are cut from the mode, I'm even kind of hoping for it. But we'll see what the team does.


Also, I'm saving my Secret Saxton to open on Nom.

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Posted December 22 2014 - 11:59 PM

  • Tide Turner
    • Added Penalty: Taking damage while shield charging reduces remaining charging time
    • Kills while charging now only add 75% meter on charge kills instead of 100%

Oh well it was bound to happen.




Guess i'll have to live with it now.


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Posted December 23 2014 - 01:20 AM

#13 Cedarbox


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Posted December 23 2014 - 07:14 AM

Spider Pyro, Spider Pyro, does whatever a Spider Pyro does.


I'm not sorry.

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As famous on the Internet as Domo
But his face got all shitty
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Posted December 23 2014 - 03:36 PM


#15 Isotoxin



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Posted December 23 2014 - 03:59 PM

When the notes said "Taking damage while shield charging reduces remaining charging time", they were not kidding.


Afterburn kills it, bleeding kills it, even fall damage kills it.


It's like breaking your legs stops you from running or something.

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Posted December 23 2014 - 04:07 PM

50MB bugfix update has been pushed out.


  • Fixed a bug related to the Demoman's charge meter
  • Fixed a bug related to the Loose Cannon's Double Donk damage calculation
  • Mannpower update
    • Fixed disguised Spies using the incorrect grapple color
    • Fixed the grapple still being connected to players after they die and respawn
    • Fixed the Regen powerup preventing players from picking up health kits and ammo packs
    • Fixed the Resist powerup shield drawing for Spies while they are invisible
    • Fixed the Resist powerup shield using the wrong color for disguised Spies
    • Fixed not seeing the powerup icons for disguised Spies
    • Updated ctf_gorge to fix lighting issues
    • Updated ctf_foundry to fix lighting issues and to prevent players from getting outside the playable area of the map
    • When hud_fastswitch is disabled, pressing the ACTION key will select the grappling hook in the weapon selection menu

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