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Mr. Tinder

Behemoth: Game4

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Whoops, this flew under my radar and was announced back in August and didn't see any mention of it. Also I love Will Stamper's voice so I'm sharing this.





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I got to play it at PAX


The game is hilarious and fun, the closest thing I can think of is a mix between fire emblems rock/paper/scissor style combat and final fantasy tactics.

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huh. looks pretty cool. strikes an entirely coincidental cord with me, because the first name i was ever 'known' as online was Four.


once upon a time i played the shit out of a quake 2 mod called 'vortex', in which you gained powers and abilities that carried over to subsequent matches, and your character would be saved based on name. after a few server resets i stopped coming up with names and just started characters one two three etc. and then I made the character four which by happy accident + my much younger reflexes dominated the server for weeks at a time, until the next reset.


and now we go smallest font for deepest lore: in this same q2 server/mod, one of the best strategies was camping. and not just regular ass camping; amongst the special abilities was summoning friendly monsters, turret guns, and laser traps. some of the most successful characters would find some dark corner of the map, set up their base, and laugh all the way to the bank as normal characters shredded themselves over and over in failed attempts to oust them.  I did not like this. Cloaking was an ability in this mod, but no one ever used it, because it took an insane stat investment to work for a short period of time, and failed as soon as you started attacking. I went beyond insane in investing in it, in a character named, you guessed it, Wraith. turns out, once I overcame the initial investment, I could bypass any defense. the camper's corner's became my harvesting grounds. they sowed, I reaped. and then they knew my name. a decade and a half later, here I am.

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