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Fat Cat

Final Fantasy XV

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Figured it's about time for this thread. Jump Festa just went by and Square released some gameplay, a new character (Cidney, not Cindy), and a new trailer.




Still no release date (of course), but it looks like it's getting there finally. I wasn't really excited before honestly, but it's starting to look pretty fun even if the boy band main characters are kind of cliche.

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Looks like Square is going all out on the promotionals for this game, releasing a full CGI movie prequel called Kingsglaive: FFXV surrounding King Regis, Noctis' father. Sean Bean will be voicing Regis, Lena Headey as Princess Luna, and Aaron Paul is voicing a character named Nyx.



There's also going to be a 5-episode anime called Brotherhood: FFXV, the first episode of which is up on Youtube right now.



Looks good so far, but forgive me for being skeptical since FFXIII did the same thing with Fabula Nova Crystalis and that never really went anywhere good. That said, I hope they've learned their lesson since.


Oh, also the release date will APPARENTLY be this year (surprisingly), November 30, and preorders should be up now for both PS4 and XBOne.



EDIT: Here's 3 trailers of the game in one video (sorry for the quality), but it shows the story, gameplay, and new locations quite nicely. Also, it plays a trailer-only rendition of 'Stand By Me', which is pretty interesting.


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You know, I quite prefer trailers like this than most of the previous trailers which are mostly kind of 'meh' (though that rendition of 'Stand By Me' IS amazing). It shows all the beautiful places where things are going to get killed. If there's anything I enjoy in games like FFXIV and Skyrim, it's wandering the beautiful countryside and bathing it in the blood of my enemies.

Also FFXV looks to be a game that's another addition in a VERY small list of RPGs that get deserts right. Here's a videogame desert checklist of things you should do, other games:
1. Deserts don't always have cacti
2. Deserts have elevation; they aren't just flat lands full of sand
3. Deserts don't have to have the same list of killable monsters like giant scorpions and snakes
4. Deserts have PLANTS, they have vegetation; what you're thinking of is a wasteland
5. They have tons of LIVING civilizations in deserts that aren't just abandoned ruins
6. Deserts aren't always just hot and full of sand; nights in the desert are particularly cold
7. Topography goddamnit
8. It doesn't have to be the boring part of any game

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