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Need computer help ASAP

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Something weird happened when I booted up my computer coming home from work. I have 2 hard drives, main one it starts on and my previous hard drive where most of my other stuff is installed.


When I started it up today, it booted up on my SECOND hard drive instead of the first one. All my desktop items are missing (because I'm assuming it's using data from the 2nd hard drive). I've done absolutely no changes that would make this happen, and was using it earlier before I left for work. I have no idea why this happened, and it seems to be working fine (for now), but is there any way to make it startup back to my first drive again?

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The startup of disk would be in the bios, its like f11 or f12, on boot. Whichever one says boot menu. And then select the other hard drive.


Also when the pc is on, check if you can see the first hard drive, as it may be poop.

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Thanks, that seems to have worked.


Hard drive seems to be fine. No idea why it happened in the first place, but it may have something to do with the fact that my computer seems to start itself sometimes even when I try to shut it down.

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