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E3 2015

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ok this is honestly looking much better than the trailers that were shown off.  Those two trailers were pretty cringey.

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I'm honestly pretty excited about the FExSMT crossover, especially since it's nice and bright and colourful. If anyone remembers the P4G intro, it was just as cheesy, but it still had a good, serious, and awfully morbid story with good characters in a highschool setting. I'm betting this one will do the same. Heck, I bet one of those idols will end up hanging upside down from a electric pole before you know it!


As excited as I am for FF7:R, Horizon: Zero Dawn is probably the 'Best of Show' for me so far. It's basically Monster Hunter with robots, and the main is being voiced by Laura Bailey.

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A lot of Nintendo's stuff looks really good.


But goddamn am I salty about Metroid

my exact thoughts


(although I haven't played any metroid, but I do feel sad knowing that it's not a mainline metroid game)

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the Nintendo Treehouse just confirmed the new 3DS zelda not only supports online and local multiplayer, it allows single cartridge download play.  So no need to have multiple cartridges to play the every single level.

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Welp E3 is coming to an end. Everyone get out your report cards and comment anything you like to say.



Bethesda - C

it was ok.


Microsoft - B

pretty nice games shown off and nothing cringey or anything but nothing too special to get insanely overhyped.


EA - C

Sports, Sports, Sports.  Star Wars Battlefront gameplay was the best part.


Ubisoft - D-

Memes, Memes everywhere.


Sony - A

Definitely blew everyone out of the ball park.


Nintendo - C-

The digital event was very underwhelming and the trailers they showed off felt like they slapped random crap in the last minute.  However the treehouse makes up for it explaining some of the games like Fatal Frame and SMTxFE gameplays a lot better than the event itself.

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Bethesda - B

Didn't watched but Fallout 4 is all i have in mind.


Microsoft - B

I've seen games. You did pretty good there, Microsoft.


EA - D

It was mostly forgetable.


Ubisoft - D

I was surprised to see the new South Park game so soon. But holy shit, fuck off with all those damn memes.


Sony - A+

EVEN MORE GAMES!! Too bad i'm too poor and can't afford a Ps4 and all these great games.


Nintendo - C

If only they didn't leaked the entire Smash  update earlier, the new characters would have been hype.

The Nintendo Championship was really really fun to watch. But then they blew up their good momentum with an extremely barebone Digital Event.

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