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Mr. Tinder

Terraria 1.3

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yay I've recently found myself wanting to play it again.

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Okay, guys. Here is plan.


1.3 happened, and I found out how to server. As a result, I will server for X amount of time a day until we're bored and play TF2 again.


Unfortunately, you still gotta join through IP. Only way I can play and admin my server at the same time.


IP is Port is all 7s. Only 8 guys at a time. If there's ever more dudes, I'll increase the limit.


However, two rules. 1. This is Expert Mode. Don't dick up. 2. New guys only from the start. I know you still have your old characters in a box somewhere, but this is new stuff for all of us and this is new territory (mostly). No cheatyfacing allowed, alright?


Server will be up in, like, three minutes, so have at it once it's online.

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