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Mr. Tinder

Workshop Map Integration

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Why should we use Workshop maps when we already have most of the same maps on the server already?

There are a couple of reasons as to why. Maps compiled and uploaded to the Workshop are smaller in size, updated automatically to both subscribed clients and servers if any changes are made, and any downloads are directed at the Steam servers rather than the dedicated server.


How do I find the Workshop ID for a map? What are they for?

Whenever you are on the Workshop page for the map you want the ID from, it is listed in the url at the very end.


The ID's are used for a couple of console commands and redirects to the Steam servers for that map file. Such as subscribing the server to them or forcing an update check client side. And you can also look up maps directly by replacing the underlined number above with the ID of the map you'd live to view as well.


What Workshop Maps are already on the server?

Below is a list of maps that have Workshop variants of them on the Nom server. I'll be keeping this list up to date as I can.


arena_backlot    454133672
arena_ferrous    454169882
arena_flourmill    476024707
arena_goldtooth    475946266
arena_suijin    454181123

cp_biodome        454132648
cp_burghausen    454268748
cp_croissant    458840209
cp_drag            454153958
cp_edifice        454774252
cp_furnace        454147907
cp_geomance        459539056
cp_glassworks    454118349
cp_lwobtsud        475737677
cp_metalworks    454115745
cp_mojave        460544858
cp_probed        454139808
cp_sdnaldab        475752290
cp_snowstation    458104742
cp_stoneyridge    454159250
cp_sunshine        454138250
cp_tidal        454149394
cp_tiplevarg    475740266
cp_upland        456813543
cp_vanguard        462908782
cp_whitewash    454160232
cp_yranarg        475758031

ctf_frosty        454165353
ctf_haarp        456481752
ctf_hotspring    475721311
ctf_landfall    459651881
ctf_scorched    462888929
ctf_trof2        475764178

koth_airfield    454123193
koth_arctic        460499484
koth_brazil        454511101
koth_chasm        454131968
koth_highpass    463803443
koth_lighthouse    459329857
koth_mapleridge    454270325
koth_mill        457943722
koth_moonshine    454253828
koth_occult        468770640
koth_octothorpe 454721948
koth_oilfield    454765835
koth_ramjam        459778887
koth_rocktop    454207393
koth_scorched    454770651

pl_5curve        454225330
pl_angkor        454686689
pl_badwater_rainy 454335820    
pl_boundary        456799153
pl_canyonfodder    478997719
pl_escarpment    454194336
pl_goldrock        454262056
pl_halfacre        454137930
pl_haste        454116894
pl_pier            454117739
pl_retawdab        475731069    
pl_rust            454135982
pl_snowycoast    469072819
pl_timbermill    454304371


I would like to suggest a map or I think you've missed one. Could you please add it?

Certainly. Just make sure you either post a link to it in this thread or if its a new map then make a new thread and suggest it like we've usually done for new map suggestions


The nextmap command show "workshop/". Why does it not show the actual mapname?

The UMC plugin is a bit more picky when it comes to the new Workshop map and fuzzy map name searching. As such UMC can only search by map ID and thus only displays it when using the nextmap command.

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Only benefit would be the ability to take advantage of Steam's CDN (though we don't really have problems serving maps).


There's improvements to the Workshop in the pipeline, so maybe that'll be added then.

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Added a couple of new maps as well as updating old maps that now have workshop files.

New Maps

arena_flourmill    476024707   
arena_goldtooth    475946266   
ctf_hotspring    475721311  
koth_octothorpe(Halloween) 454721948


Old Maps

pl_canyonfodder    478997719

pl_badwater_rainy 454335820
cp_tiplevarg    475740266   
cp_lwobtsud        475737677   
pl_retawdab        475731069   
cp_sdnaldab        475752290   
cp_yranarg        475758031   
ctf_trof2        475764178   

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Maps with navigation meshes do not work properly out-of-the-box when the Workshop is involved (i.e., with a mesh packed under /maps/.bsp).

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