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Spray Page and Nintendo. Not Related.

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3 years ago when I left off of this page and bookmarked it: http://sprays.nom-nom-nom.us/main.php#page=50


I can clearly remember that I have a real good kick out of it. I even remembered that bearded lady standing next to a bus with her dress saying "Eat me". ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Did something happened to the spray gallery page thingy like it got moved to a new website maybe? Because it has over thousands of pages full of random images that I can put as sprays (even though it doesn't work on public server anymore).


plz i dont want 2 go back 2 rule34. 




Also have you heard about Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata is dead, kinda late but it's so sad, he helped made Pokemon and managed Nintendo and I had so much fun with the Game Boy Advance playing Harvest Moon, Fire Emblem, and Pokemon :( RIP  -_-



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There was a server move a while back, the sprays might have been left behind. Unrelated to the move but there were some people posting some really awful gore on the server around the time of the move, so it's probably for the best that the archive was lost. Nobody wants to happen upon that by accident.  As for Iwata...


Check the random thoughts thread, it's the general conversation spot.

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