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Rising Thunder

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A new free to play fighting game coming out on PC from Radiant Entertainment, that tries to eliminate the execution barrier that keeps most people from getting into fighting games. Moves that would require directional inputs in other games are now single button presses, even supers. Characters also have loadout systems, where you can swap out specials for one another. The game is meant to be completely free, and there is supposedly going to be nothing for purchase in the first 6 months of release while they figure things out. Also it stars robots. Sometimes Russian. And sometimes piloted by dogs. Sometimes both.

Currently, alpha starts on July 28, with invites going out in waves as they make sure their servers can handle the load.


Alpha registration

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It's a very interesting concept. Personally, I have good and bad things about the "one button press" for specials.


The good is, like Hat said, to eliminate the execution barrier. I know there are quite a few people who play and can't effectively do 720s without jumping or, god forbid, the Pretzel Command. Since I play DFO, I know enough of command inputs to do the usual kinds of things, only leaving button presses for huge screen-clearing moves.


On the other hand, though, I hope this doesn't immediately lead to things like frame perfect projectile spamming to the highest degree. They'll probably implement cooldowns or something on the button presses so doing the manual command is faster than spamming one button, but hey, we'll see where that goes.

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Honestly if this is any good I might try it. I've never been one for fighting games, can't really pull off the combos effectively. But if this makes it a bit easier to do I would like to play it.

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It looks like it plays nearly identically to SFIV, but maybe sans focus attacks. Honestly if the main draw of the game is "the commands are easier", I think I'll pass. That's a lot of options and utility given up if special moves are mapped to buttons(I'm guessing specials will be two at the same time, and ultras will be three), so the gameplay will probably be really repetitive and not very mixup heavy, which is a shame. I know they're trying to fix it with the loadout system but that's going to take a lot of balancing to make everything viable, especially since it'll be so easy to have frame perfect specials, and people will likely just figure out which specials link best with other normals.

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This stuff is really interesting. Didn't think there would be a universal cross-up command.


Also, different "modes" for utilizing meter, and it seems that SF4's invincible backdash is in as well.

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So I've played around for about an hour, 2 minutes with Edge and the rest with Vlad, and so far it's pretty fun. The gameplay is definitely inspired from Capcom games, and if you've played SF4, you'll feel mostly at home. I think the biggest change coming from different games is the decrease in the number of moves. Only 3 normals (light, medium, and heavy) and 3 specials at a time. Less normals makes the neutral game quite a bit easier for newer players to jump in, but bad habits will still get you blown up. It also makes the neutral game potentially less interesting if you're a more experienced fighting game player. With Vlad, I felt like I had basically 2 buttons for the neutral game, standing medium, which is your standard midrange poke. and standing heavy, which is a midrange anti-air option. Other buttons had their uses, like crouching medium gives me a slide for whiff punishing, but 3 normal buttons can feel limiting; more time with the game will tell. In the hour that I played, I didn't see anyone with a huge pressure game, mostly just a "low or throw" game, but Vlad definitely has some basic mixups with his flight and flight cancelling, leading to double overheads off jumping attacks or an overhead/low/throw guessing game from standing normals, so the mixups are still there. There's also some

that are reminiscent of Tager's mixups from BlazBlue. It will be interesting to see how deep it goes.


TL;DR Game is simplified, but still has depth, if you're new to fighting games, it's probably your best bet to get into Street Fighter-esque games, and possibly transition to other games from there. You will still probably lose, but it'll be because you played bad instead of not being able to throw fireballs.


Also, the online is pretty good. Of the matches I played, only one of them was bad.

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Update released!, new specials for Edge and Chel


Patch notes



Bug Fixes

- Fixed one major disconnect issue. You should no longer see the "Waiting..." message after the first game in a match.
- Computers with slow load times should no longer display an odd camera angle and "Waiting..." message when loading is complete.
- Improved performance during normal gameplay and rollbacks.
- Change Character and Change Loadout buttons are now disabled while searching for a match.
- Fixed desync with multiple hit volume overlaps.
- Fixed issue where some moves were not properly dizzying opponents.
- Fixed combo counter malfunction that sometimes permanently maxed out the juggle limit.
- Fixed a bug where some moves were not triggering proper knockback after block damage KO.
- Fixed a bug that prevented Talos from falling gradually after wall bounce.
- Fixed a bug that caused characters to get stuck beyond screen boundaries after using Kinetic Deflect against a cornered opponent.

New Special Move Variants

- Edge's Binary Flux (S1v2) is a new double-projectile which powers up his S2!
- Chel's Stinging Wind (S3v2) is a new advancing attack with faster startup and recovery!

Character Updates

- Extended hurt-boxes on some moves to better match their active hitboxes:
--> Chel's c.M, c.H, and F+M
--> Crow's far s.H
--> Edge's far s.M, far s.H, c.L, and c.M
- Standardized block pushback caused by normal sweep attacks:
--> Chel's c.H, Edge's c.H, Talos' c.H, and Vlad's c.H
- Corrected an issue that gave the first hit of Chel's F+H and Edge's close s.H -> H an extra frame of hit stun.
- Chel's Overdrive damage has been reduced from 275 to 250.
- Edge's Overdrive damage has been reduced from 300 to 275.
- Edge's Gathering Storm (S1v1) recovery has been increased slightly.
- Edge's Relentless Pursuit (S3) behaves more intuitively after passing under a jumping opponent and stops automatically when reaching a wall.
- Talos' crouching Light attack startup has been reduced by 1 frame.
- Talos' feet now become projectile invulnerable during air Spartan Rush.
- Talos' fully charged Titan Smash (S2) no longer causes extreme pushback against cornered opponents.

(This is not intended as a comprehensive balance pass. These changes should have relatively minor impact on how characters are played.)

Visual Improvements

- Added a new look for Kinetic Advance shadows.
- Armor hits are conveyed more clearly with VFX.
- Lifebar displays combo damage, block damage, and armor damage more accurately.
- Smoothed out animation timing for Talos air throw, making it easier to identify the follow-up window.
- Fixed a strange movement issue with Crow's forward throw against Dauntless.

Audio Improvements

- Armor hits now have unique SFX to stand out from normal hits.
- Kinetic Deflect activation has SFX.
- Sound mix updates.



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The game no longer requires a key to play! Just register, download and you're good to go. Also, fighting game commentator James Chen will be doing a stream explaining the basic fundamentals of fighting games using Rising Thunder at 9 PM PDT, go check it out at http://www.twitch.tv/ultrachentv


Also another update coming out soon, balance updates and new variants for Dauntless and Talos


EDIT: It's here!




  • Block stun frames on many anti-air moves reduced to 15 frames. It’s still safe to Kinetic Advance forward dash these moves after they’re blocked, but the opponent will have frame advantage.
  • Block stun on several other moves reduced to 17 frames, making them roughly even after a Kinetic Advance forward dash.
  • S2 block stun reduced to 15 frames.
  • S2 no longer hits opponents behind Chel.
  • New S1 variant! Diesel Strike hits high, but opens up new combo opportunities.
  • S2 block stun reduced to 15 frames.
  • S3 block stun reduced to 17 frames.
  • S2 no longer hits opponents behind Dauntless.
  • F+M has been overhauled with an updated animation, slightly longer startup and recovery, and more accurate hurt-boxes.
  • S2 block stun reduced to 15 frames.
  • S2 no longer hits opponents behind Edge.
  • S3 slide block stun has been reduced by 2 frames. It is still safe on block, but the opponent has frame advantage.
  • S3 overhead hit is no longer cancelable into specials.- S3 overhead hit stun has been increased by 1 frame
  • New S1 variant! Meteor Slam becomes armored immediately, but it cannot be charged or kinetic-canceled like Meteor Breaker.
  • F+H block stun reduced to 17 frames. Talos is slightly negative after kinetic-cancelling this move into a forward dash.
  • F+H no longer hits opponents behind Talos.
  • Fully charged S1v1 has been overhauled with an updated animation and extended ground bounce to allow free follow-ups, similarly to fully charged S2v1. To compensate, its damage has been reduced from 250 to 225.
  • Uncharged S2 block stun reduced to 15 frames.
  • Charged S2 block stun reduced to 17 frames.
Bug Fixes
  • Standardized all normal air reaction hurt-boxes, so most juggles should work consistently against the entire cast. Remaining custom throw reactions will be standardized soon.
  • The last hit of Dauntless’ forward throw now connects consistently.
  • Talos’ air throw distance against Edge and Vlad has been corrected to match the other characters.
Visual Improvements
  • Eye gleam added to Edge’s Overdrive attack.
  • Dauntless’ steam power is now operational.
  • Raised Talos’ fist slightly in c.L animation to better convey that it can be blocked high.
  • Cleaned up Talos S1v1 whiff and S2v1 whiff animations.
  • Enhanced impactfulness of Talos normal throws by 200-800% (in metric units, of course).
  • Cleaned up camera cuts in Talos and Vlad’s Overdrive attacks.



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