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Mr. Tinder

TF2 Update: July 23, 2015

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Bit late on this, whoops

  • Changed the Pomson 6000 ÜberCharge and cloak drain effect's distance fall-off
  • Old: Drain 15 ÜberCharge at point blank and scale down to 0 at 1024 HU
  • New: Drain 10 ÜberCharge from 0 to 512 HU and scale down to 0 at 1536 HU
  • Added Arms Race 1 and Arms Race 2 community event medals
  • Fixed a bug related to using incorrect particle effects
  • Fixed the Scorch Shot flares pushing teammates
  • Fixed being able to carry the flag with the Rocket/Sticky Jumpers
  • Fixed Sentries shooting over the head of Spies using the Box Trot taunt
  • Fixed tf_bot_join_after_player preventing the bots from joining a team after the player joins team Spectator
  • Fixed missing secondary attack animations for the Short Circuit
  • Fixed the Contracts button on the main menu not being disabled when there are no contracts
  • Fixed an exploit related to coaching and the 'autoteam' command
  • Fixed Mann vs. Machine maps not resetting properly after a successful vote to change the challenge
  • Fixed Stat Clock models not cloaking with the Spy
  • Fixed a case where buildings would not go active if they were sapped while being built
  • Fixed a display bug that made it look like players had received multiple copies of the same item
  • Fixed a regression with the tournament spectator GUI that broke custom HUDs
  • Fixed showing "cannot be listed on the Steam Community Market for one week" on listings in the Steam Community Market when that is no longer the case
  • Fixed a rare client crash when turning in Contracts
  • Updated the Spy Contract objective for destroying buildings to work with the Ap-Sap, the Red-Tape Recorder, and the Snack Attack
  • Updated Mann Co. Store prices for foreign currencies to current USD equivalents
  • Updated the localization files

Maps Workshop Beta

  • Improved handling of recently changed workshop maps
  • Fixed a case where servers would fail to load maps that had been updated since the last server restart
  • Fixed a case were clients would not check for new versions when connecting to a workshop server
  • Improved server console output when waiting on map downloads during level change
  • Fixed a case where subscribing to maps while the game was running could result in failure to load the map
  • Fixed a case where joining a server running a workshop map would first wait for all subscribed maps to finish downloading before attempting to download the map at hand

Also no-spread and pSilent have been patched out Two commands commonly used by LMAOBOX cheaters to autoaim and to make it seem like they weren't using aimbots. Going to be fun to see who can't aim anymore with this update due to relying on those cheats.

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Oh man, the LMAObox forums are a hilarious thing right now, lots of "OMG VALVE RUINED TF2 I QUIT".



One particularly amusing reply on the TF2 subreddit:


I'd like to think that Valve have planned this whole elaborate scheme out to ban as many hackers as possible in preparation for competitive.

First, they need to update TF2 with a change that breaks the most "fun" aspects of the hack, without entirely disabling it. They've done that through silent aiming and nospread. Without those two small features, the community will uproar. As we've seen, people have been abandoning the hack and TF2, and some have asked for refunds. Afraid of losing business, lmaobox needs to fix the hack as soon as possible to minimize damage. This begins the second part of the plan.

Knowing that lmaobox would be in a panic trying to bypass this, Valve update VAC with what they expect him to do. By fixing it this soon, lmaobox has shown that he has done it quickly, perhaps sloppily, falling into the trap in the process.

The final part of the plan is waiting for the scout to return with good information; they are like the ants that follow it blindly, and they, too, will end. Those who find the hack to be safe and working will tell others, and bring them into this mess, only for VAC to detect them. With the bait successful, Valve pull the string, banning unprecedented numbers of users, ending or at least crippling the hacking community. The plan was huge, and it makes gaming news everywhere. Premium hack accounts have been banned, and the entire world sees that it is unreliable. Lmaobox takes a hit to business now that no one buys his program, and he eventually goes under. This intimidates other hacking communities, and they crumble under suspicion and doubt.

Valve release the matchmaking update to a community grateful for an environment free of hackers.

Now we wait for it to go according to keikaku.


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