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TF2 Comic #5: Old Wounds

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Issue #5 is live! Man, it feels like just yesterday since Issue #4 came out. How long's it been since we released that, anyway? Let's see... one month, two... hm. three... four... wow, five...

Actually, let's not focus on how long it's been. The important thing is Issue #5's out! The last two should be coming out a little quicker.

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I knew Medic was going to turn. It was just a matter of how and when. Also, love the hints at Miss Pauling. And Zhanna. What do you say about Zhanna...


And that female pyro. I mean... what? Okay. Sure, works for me. I love how Valve's female characters are as unique as the male ones. The rest of media could stand to take a few lessons.


Singled out this for a spray, in case anyone else wants it.


It's not perfect, I'd be able to make it look nicer if I had Photoshop installed. GIMP sucks.

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Medic proving he is medical god. Zhanna and soldier are the best.

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By the way, there's no PDF download for the comic this time around.


Instead, you get art.  Without the text bubbles.  Ready your sprays!

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oh shit yeah


also lol bimonthly (just looked back, the first one came out August 27, 2013)


and still lack of engie, hmmm

jesus the times that have passed.

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